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Via Chuckles who writes: “One born every minute:”

In 2008, Jimmy bought 500 acres of tropical rain forest and was going to build a traditional city in paradise. Then the market crashed. Realizing the old model of “if we build it, they will come” was broken, he flipped it to “if they come, they will build it” and has since attracted hundreds of young people through social media who, in the face of potential climate disaster …

And so on and so on, yada. yada.  As if on cue, a sane review:

It appears a young man who is desperate to make a success of his failed real estate investment has chosen to victimize the young and vulnerable with his flawed ideals. By creating a youthful mono-generation environment, it is far easier for this fellow to extract monetary resources from his victims, all while using the common media induced paranoia to sell his false bill of goods.

This ‘crowdfunding’ thing – you get the gullible to come in on the strength of an idea, just like Obama did with his contracted, ‘predicate-less’ sentences and use emotion and high, vague ideals to extract money from the young who then have to build things with no former experience.

And the one operating this Madoffesque scam calls himself an entrepreneur, supposedly as Elizabeth Holmes did with Theranos.  The one they used in the old days was pyramid selling, now it’s called crowdfunding.  Still, better than the Scottish Darien, suppose.

One to avoid, ditto for the film.

The reason utopias fail

Coming back to “and was going to build a traditional city in paradise“, a nice analogy is The Beach, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Virginie Ledoyen.  Those familiar with the film will remember that, apart from the idealism, what killed it was leftist nastiness.

And to analyse this nastiness further, it is essentially adults in age who still retain a child’s brain.  A child expects things to be given for nothing and is completely into himself, other children are to be tolerated or exploited.  In a child, we don’t bat an eyelid, in an adult – we look askance.

I always come back to the national student conference I went to decades ago and what struck me first, apart from the paper wastage, was that no one knew anything about how to do anything and they were particular vicious and cutting with each other and vying for head of this or that – there was no love lost, that was for sure.  The putdown was an art form with students.

In short, young people en masse are a******es, utter tosspots.  Please – I wrote ‘en masse’, not individually – individually they can be sweet and all good things.

Sorry but it’s true – they’re children.  Some of you will remember sharing a house with them at that age and having to label the food, things did not get done, the rent was not paid on time, they took the washing home to mum but every member of the household was big on his/her rights, in postulating and putting the feet up on the furniture.

No thank you very much, I got out quickly and found a grown-up woman six years older.

And this is why utopias fail – because they’re a bunch of left-idealist children who have never come through the employment ranks, they’re not people who’ve actually set these things up before on a business footing.  Also beware of the Soroses who will provide the money and the expertise, whilst poisoning the minds.

Mr Satterthwaite was glad that the young people had gone to bed. He was not fond of young people in herds. He thought them uninteresting and crude. They lacked subtlety and as life went on he had become increasingly fond of subtleties. [from “The Coming of Mr. Quin”, 1930]

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