Free speech

Just who do these toerags think they are? As it says in the screenshot – it’s a fundamental right under that constitution but even more, a university should be doing precisely that – getting in all points of view and giving them an audience.

I want to see funding cut for these universities immediately – get onto it, Donald.

Update: Berkely has ‘rescheduled’ the Coulter talk to a day no students are in lessons.

She’s turning up on the original day, she says. By the way, have you noticed how Milo’s disappeared?

Interesting question what happens if the university swamps are drained – are there enough ‘neutral’ professors and lecturers to fill their places?

I’d say not in the short term.

Also this:

More and more, Twitter is censoring, citing ‘potentially sensitive material’. Nothing obscene, I don’t have suchlike on my timeline and the people censored are the law abiding.

One of the above is a pro Trump lady of a straight kind and the other is a Christian, i.e. their ‘sensitive material’ is of that nature.

So it has become overtly nanny state now, no longer any pretence of ‘open forum’. Interesting why the Christian message should be targetted. What threat do the ladies down at the vestry pose to children’s sensitive minds, particularly as the Church has gone Marxist? What exactly is their fear of wicked Christians?

There is an alternative apparently to Twitter but I’m told there are large queues to get in and what’s the point, as the pollies all use Twitter.

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