I’ve been experimenting with formats. The total amount coming in vastly outweighs the amount that can go out.

I’ve tried all sorts – running ‘name’ days where seven or eight stories are covered, twice a day, running posts two hours apart [of late] and now this idea of going back to the 2 and a half hour gap but going through past 6 p.m. into the evening and early night. I tried posting at 6, 9, 12, 3, 6 for a time but firstly, three hours was far too long a gap when there was so much banked up, secondly 12’s too late for the lunchtime post.

Let’s roll with this one for now. Some might say – well just post when you have something to post on and I agree … but what if you have something to post on every few minutes? And not just ‘something’ to post on but something interesting to someone? Management of data is a critical field these days.

So let’s run with this for awhile, see how it looks.

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