Tory bitch

Everyone and his dog will be posting about this:

The cynical bstds and their puppet May.

Knowing they were a shoe-in on June 8th, they decided they could afford the ire of a large portion of the population – middle-class pensioners and still win, the Brexit portion, and hit pensions plus take away winter fuel allowance – I needed that allowance as it just about has me in the black, without it I’m in an ‘eat or heat’ situation, which is what the bstds want.

Oh and where’s the money going? Benefits cheats and migrants.

An Australian Tory PM came in once and said “life wasn’t meant to be easy”, it was his mantra. Now I met Malcolm Fraser – he’s a western district boy, the rich farmers and he didn’t give a toss about people, just as no Brit pollies do.

But worse than hitting pensioners and cynically playing with loss of seats and still winning, is that it will all be presented as a Brexit OR comfortable life, when there is absolutely no need for it, the globalist bstds.

At the same time, Corbyn is offering tuition fee relief – don’t write the commie off yet. That tuition fee relief means a lot to parents with that age kids.


That’s it – I’m voting UKIP or independent.


So Mother Theresa intends attacking the Pensioners on 3 or more fronts. Taking away their Fuel Allowance, abolishing the Triple Lock and confiscating their homes if they need care. What else does she intend doing to the vulnerable 12 million old age pensioners? Offering them a one-way ticket to Dignitas? [Tom Collins]

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  1. dearieme
    May 18, 2017 at 14:14

    “confiscating their homes if they need care”: I know, expecting people to pay for their own care if they can afford it. What’s the world coming to?

    Obviously I should pay for their care instead so that their children can, effectively, spend my money.

  2. May 18, 2017 at 15:52

    A great deal of care for the elderly is dealing with medical issues for which there is no cure: merely safe management of the symptoms and their knock-on effects. Blindness, risk of broken bones from falls, dementia, correct dispensing of medication, safely cooking and serving of food, etc. These are things that can be managed in people’s own homes, to a fair extent; in sheltered accommodation and/or care homes to an even greater extent.

    It is often the case that the elderly are hospitalised (say after a fall) and then kept hospitalised through lack of the above sorts of facilities back home. This is usually pointless – even leading to more rapid and serious ageing.

    I have a funding suggestion that is different to those currently used and different from those recently proposed by the Tory Party.

    Such necessary care, in one’s own home or in a care home (so the non-housing costs) should be paid by the elderly person themselves, but be tax deductible. As this is a form of medically necessary care, it is entirely consistent with current taxation policy – but is likely to be more cost effective than pointless extension of hospitalisation (in facilities designed for sophisticated medical treatment that cannot be delivered in the home).

    Best regards

    • May 18, 2017 at 16:08

      Thanks for that – a good idea.

      This post was run at OoL too and one comment pointed out that the caveats and ‘sky’s not falling yet’ ignore that there a bunch who worked all their lives for what they had … and then there are the feckless who have never worked unless forced to.

      So yes, we will indeed see.

    • May 19, 2017 at 14:45

      These are things that can be managed in people’s own homes, to a fair extent;

      Agreed. We did that for my mother when she got dementia. It was incredibly hard work for us but it kept her out of the clutches of a nursing home and allowed her to keep her dignity. Despite the hard work we had the consolation of knowing we were doing the right thing. An officious b***h of a social worker tried to force her into a nursing home but we fought it and (surprisingly) won.

      The optimum solution is to make it easier to care for the elderly at home. Nursing homes are a necessary evil and sometimes there’s no other option but most of them are just death camps for the elderly. There are some good ones but there are some very very bad ones.

      I’m also sure that there are some decent social workers. I’ve never encountered one and I’ve never heard of one but there must be some good ones out there. Well, maybe not.

      Sorry for the rant but this hits home for me in a very personal way.

  3. Wolfie
    May 18, 2017 at 22:05

    Red May is no Conservative. I’m at a loss where to put my vote now, the first time in my voting life.

    • May 18, 2017 at 22:20

      There’s no effective party for the conservative view.

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