No surprise Australia is rubbish now

For what it’s worth, the posts today are negative-nice-negative-nice, like that. N.O.’s never been shy at highlighting wrongdoing and/or stupidity but there’s such a thing as an overdose of it. Thing is, it can’t be ignored, as then we’re not doing our job. Nor should it be wall to wall. Anyway, to this topic:


The blurb said it was an upset, a shock to all:

Australia 19-24 Scotland: Second tour win for Gregor Townsend’s side

Not to anyone keeping an eye on Australians – my field is sailing and where Australians once dominated the world in this and so many sporting fields, now they look as if they’re back to rubbish again or maybe not ‘again’ but ‘in a new way’.

On the surface, an Englishman would chuckle at that but is this land much better? There were the amazing 2012 Olympics and feats of individual brilliance since but no huge dominance.

There was a time, not so long ago, when Australia dominated the Olympics beyond the big three nations … but no more. It’s gone into every area, including AFL, where the rules against even going near and breathing on another player gets you a two week suspension unless you are given 2 point amnesty under code 34/T339, in which case it is only a level 3 infringement and therefore …

And that’s how it’s gone – the socialists and bureaucrats [same thing] are now running the game, bringing in bi-weekly rule changes to compensate for their last rule change. The old style hardmen want no part of it, the new socialists love it because it ‘levels’ everyone. No one is permitted to outshine anyone else.

Plus I’m informed the place has now been overrun with the same population issues as in the rest of the west – this in itself is the global socialist ‘share the misery’ policy.

Nowhere was this more clearly seen than in the Adam Goodes saga of not so long ago. Aborigine with a chip on his shoulder is made Man of the Year by the white left establishment and spits in their collective face by telling the national audience not to forget whose land it was.

Hence all the booing at games where Goodes played until he threw his toys out. And what did the global left establishment who occupy every key position do? Yep, sent in the police at any game he played in, to arrest anyone booing. I kid you not.

How to reverse this? Answers on a postcard.

3 comments for “No surprise Australia is rubbish now

  1. dearieme
    June 18, 2017 at 12:04

    How to reverse this? In principle, machine guns. In practice maybe you could scare the Left with pea-shooters and tattie-guns.

  2. June 18, 2017 at 13:59

    A good start would be getting rid of Malcomb Turdball. Offload all shares in the TV companies: stop funding the ABC. Arrest Gillian Triggs (some trumped-up charges should keep her busy for a while). Put a hose through the universities – chardonnay should wash a lot of the lefty riff-raff out. But…. you are talking sport so I suggest making AFL players wear men’s shorts instead of girs’ and put starch in them: and stop all funding of the corrupt Sports Institute Industry. Make all ‘funding’ recipients pay back their ‘investment’ from winnings and take all their assets after ten years if they don’t win anything. That’s just a start too.

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