Out of their minds [part one]

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We have our moments of applied insanity for sure and we have our fallings-out but by and large, those reading this are sane and capable of rational thinking.

People from different walks of life and approach visit and comment and people from different countries and what we’re finding is that seemingly disparate peoples and cultures are coming to the same conclusions, independently, on so many issues.

There’s no politburo telling us to do this, no PC narrative – we have our own daily work, our own doings but we still come to similar conclusions on key issues, especially on the vicious loons out there who are wrecking life in western countries.

There was a march yesterday for Justice for Chelsea, the 13 year old girl raped some years back by Muslims and for which no Muslim has ever been incarcerated.  That is outrageous, when every police officer, everyone in Sunderland knew everything about what went on.

There’s something very, very wrong about that. There’s something even worse in the police knocking on the door of the girl herself [she tweeted] and telling her not to go to the march which was in aid of justice for her.

She went.

Today, there was a more general demonstration against Sharia in Manchester, as has been the case across the United States and the lies being told are jawdropping – not distortions any more but outright lies.

Here’s how BBC North-West described it:

My feelings at that were the same as Dr. Ryan Waters of UKIP:

I’m sorry, this is despicable – this wasn’t a “far right” march. It was a march by concerned citizens of all backgrounds.

Here is Ezra Levant of Canada:

There is no way Tommy Robinson, on the cusp of jail more or less semi-permanently, was going to condone or start any violence whatever.  Yes, there were bottles and flares and who brought those along, one wonders?

Tommy Robinson:

This below was sent by Chuckles:

There are people with whom you cannot get along without surrendering your soul. Insofar as possible, bury them where the bodies will never be found.

In these days, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act; shout it from the rooftops. If it sends SJWs into apoplexy or cardiac arrest, or makes their heads explode, so much the better, since that will stop their continuous and inevitable lies, and nothing else will.

Avoid large conglomerations of people carrying banners and shouting slogans. Do not take to heart their exhortations and entreaties, for they are fucking lunatics.

Never apologize for anything.

As for their heads exploding, it truly does seem this way – they are going out of their heads with hysterical rage, all the while abetted by Soros and other money turning kids into thugs and finding the worst elements possible.

There was a girl with a knuckle duster attacking a Trumpist weeks ago and getting punched out for her trouble, there was another clip today where a black kid was confronted nose-to-nose by a lowlife female who was trying to get him riled.  Someone covered the camera with a flag while she punched him, next thing she was flat on her back on the ground, the flag was miraculously pulled away and there was a black kid punching a ‘white’ girl on the ground.

That’s the sort of thing going on.

My mate and I today were discussing why the Comey thing dragged on and now it’s ended, the committee did not want to close down but subpoenaed Sessions to see if he can give anything to pin the Donald down.  This is beyond any normal reason.

Here, Corbyn is claiming he won and that he’s ready for a second election when she’s ready.  Am I the only one to think there is real insanity in this?

The conclusion we came to was that the left had had it all their own way for so many years without a whimper from us and suddenly they’re being pushed back on, they’re losing elections, not winning them through fraud, despite the fraud still going on and all the illegals, double ballot papers sent out etc.

So this does not accord with how they’ve been told it goes, therefore anyone opposing them is the antiChrist.  And of course, we don’t hold back verbally – only physically, to stay within the law.

That’s why that quote above is so apt.  Now look at this field questionnaire by mark dice below, done before the 2016 US presidential election, where he asked young women what they thought about Shariah coming to the US.

He was a bit naughty, saying to each one that Hillary was planning to bring in Shariah Law and did they agree with it.  Not one, nor the nearby male, questioned Mark’s statement but took it as read … but then the replies were stunning, simply stunning.

He asked if that meant they intended voting Hillary and then said to one, ‘Love your tattoo,’ obviously in a derogatory way and she said thank you, as if it were a compliment.

So we come back to that quote above yet again.

My case rests.  There is simply no basis for communication with these people.  There are three tribes in every western country – the brainwashed, the Muslims and us.

Part onepart twopart three

2 comments for “Out of their minds [part one]

  1. Mark Matis
    June 12, 2017 at 01:23

    This will continue uninterrupted until one is able to convince “Law Enforcement” that they chose the wrong career. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these events occurs because “Law Enforcement” grovel before their Masters who sign their paychecks, and refuse to give a damn about the Mere Citizens. Do YOU know of any way to change the “Law Enforcement” approach? I would suggest One Shot Paddy for your consideration…

    • June 12, 2017 at 05:27

      It’s a definite puzzler as there is intent by bad people behind it, which factors in people like us who try to change it.

      That first one I want to get to and educate but as Yuri Bezmenov said – we can’t, they’re now tainted, locked into their ignorance and not just ignorance but smug, hard-edged, oblivious, don’t want to know any more ignorance.

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