Softened up, infantilized and left behind [1]

This is the first of two posts on multiple issues, but all dealing with the same core issue behind it, in different manifestations.

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Buzzword weariness – saturation effect

If I quote Yuri Bezmenov or Svali or write of snowflakes or SJWs, there’s a saturation point with all those words, just as there was with ‘equality and diversity’ in its day – the words now have the effect of alienating through overuse, though they’re still still most relevant to the problem.

And in this, Yuri Bezmenov was right on the button and is worthy of spending a few minutes on:

Words have been hijacked and their meanings changed

Some words which were once positive are now derided and those not taken seriously or innocuous before are now twisted into nasty meanings which half of us flatly reject.

Such an expression is ‘equality and diversity’, which has achieved such notoriety that if we see some woman or leftist bellyache on about it, we switch off, click out.

Even coupling the two words is a masterstroke of the nasty left.

In one of the episodes of Jeeves and Wooster, Bingo was trying to impress the woman he was pursuing by singing a popular ditty at a village variety show. he may have sung it well or not – point was that the three people before him had sung the same tune, plus there were rowdies in the hall hired by Jeeves who started flinging food at the poor beggar who’d been stitched up this way.

Such an expression is ‘British values’ which triggers such emotions – see yesterday’s post – which does not, of course, mean that emotional responses actually clinch arguments.

A few years back, I defended Christianity, itself now a vilified word and what I’d inadvertently walked into was a barrage. For a start, I’d just come back from Russia and the paedo priest thing was at its height – that, together with every possible evil human behaviour, e.g. the treatment of unwed mothers by nuns and so it went on, along with the arrogant and unremorseful attitude of the high clerics, had people coming in and tearing strips off ‘my’ effing Christianity, along with the usual things about the Crusades and Inquisition.

Pointless me saying that this was human behaviour they were attacking, bad childhood experiences where the wrong people were in charge, fire and brimstoners, intolerant people in dog collars and habits. Pointless me saying that a great many people over the centuries have drawn comfort and succour and even the wine industry has clerical roots. Pointless because no one wanted to know.

A similar thing happened with ‘British values yesterday’, where passionate language and pedantry over whether a word meant this or that was meant to carry the day, despite the examples given, not of national characteristics but of British values. The old strawmen were trotted out – show a bunch of skinheads and say they’re singing Penny Lane and that’s meant to clinch an argument is it?

I did not respond any further because I saw the level of the debate, as if I’d walked into a left-liberal planning committee. People just did not want to know. Pointless me saying that we’re the only nation in the world which denies we even had a culture – the global left has quite effectively put paid to that and the only acceptable way today is to mock your own country, a la Jack Straw.

Emotion gets in the way

Even before getting down today’s issues, there is already hostility to what I’ll be writing, based on the preceding or else agreement, even before I’ve put the proposals.

And I come back to Yuri Bezmenov on that.

Part of that emotion [and I’ve done it too], is to get ‘the arse-end of the argument’ and not the whole of it and to go hell for leather on that one aspect [this is related to the strawman, only it’s not deliberately done, it’s just because people spare only a small amount of time understanding something because other things call them away].

Overload and boredom

We spare only a few seconds on anything today because firstly we’re so busy with our own projects, secondly there is information overload with the net and third, we’ve come to deal in ‘grabs’ as the media do.

Blog readers – and this is no soft soap – by definition, are prepared to give more time to an idea than Tweeters but it still needs to finish just about at this line:


… and no further, otherwise you’ve lost the reader. Now what does that say? That the blogger is longwinded and/or something else?

Perversity and getting it wrong

Today’s two main topics are firstly, how we’re being left behind in tech and secondly, how the wrong people are being put into the wrong positions. Immediately, Cressida Dick springs to mind but there are countless other examples this blog for one has gone on about.

I’m suggesting that this is no accident, that the preconditions for this have been slowly set up, now across generations and the idea is to render our society soft-bellied for picking off.

Five years ago, I was called a tinfoil hatter or conspiracy nut for this and you notice that word – ‘called’. Yep, name calling in lieu of argument and evidence. Gainsaying, not counter-argument. Straight out of the Common Purpose playbook.

Trivialization, strawmen, gainsaying, weasel words, false flags, fatigue, hardwired, great at the invective but not so good at disproving. One fool of a blogger with the initials CS bowled in, saw the argument about Jane Standley the Beeb reporter who announced the falling of WTC7 before it actually happened, spent three seconds looking at part of it, then pronounced that I was a nutter and the whole three or four parts were therefore bunkum.

The only person who came over as a tosspot in that situation was him. Not only that, but time does tell.

Time has vindicated so many warnings

I started warning people about Cameron in 2007, ditto Common Purpose, ditto on symbolism and was smiled at. No one’s smiling now about Cressida Dick and Julia Middleton – the latter now long forgotten. I was warning people that the wrong women were going into the wrong positions and was called misogynist. I was warning that our values were being trampled on and expunged.

If I’d been deeply hurt by the reaction, I’d have stopped, right? I merely mention this because it is germane to these two posts now.

Key idea: there has been a deliberate and sustained campaign to undermine our capacity to reason and react.

The source might be the UN, the Marxists, satan himself – that’s not the point here. The point is that from porn to the way kids are being treated today to our lack of military capacity, someone is benefitting greatly from our infantilization and lack of preparedness – did you see Putin’s comment yesterday to Megyn Whatsername about lunacy in the west today? What the hell is going on, he asked, with a grin.

This society is being played like a violin but [mixing metaphors] we can’t see the forest for the trees.  The society is being softened up and divided into two hardwired camps.

Exhibit one:  the way we’re being overhauled in tech

In the interview, he stated that the PLAN is fitting its newest nuclear attack submarines with a “shaftless” rim-driven pumpjet, a revolutionary and silent propulsion system.

The Type 095 SSN will likely have VLS cells for launching a wide range of cruise missiles, pumpjet propulsion, and improved quieting technology. If the system is being put on the latest vessels, it is likely to be used on the first Type 095 nuclear attack submarine (SSN), which is under construction.


if the system works, the Chinese may have stolen a march on the Americans and British, whose Columbia and Dreadnought nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) have the option for rim-drive pumpjets, but will not enter service until 2030 – if one is very lucky.

Part 1Part 2Part 3.

3 comments for “Softened up, infantilized and left behind [1]

  1. Distant Relative
    June 6, 2017 at 11:55

    “People just did not want to know.” Making assumptions, somewhat, and a little harsh! *sobs quietly*

    “Not responding further” ….. because everyone else was wrong?

    Absolute definitions needed please for “values”, “characteristics” and “culture”.

    And maybe “traditions”? 🙂

    • June 6, 2017 at 12:38

      We say things when annoyed and anyway – it wasn’t directed at you.

      But even those it was, doesn’t mean the end of the earth – think we’re all big enough to take a bit of cut and thrust, unlike the snowflakes we rail against.

      There’s also the aspect that all contributions which come through here are appreciated and sought after, even if occasionally castigated. The unappreciated don’t even get that far. 🙂

  2. June 7, 2017 at 04:26

    the global left has quite effectively put paid to that and the only acceptable way today is to mock your own country, a la Jack Straw.

    Mockery is an interesting subject in itself, since it’s one of the things that has destroyed Britain. The Culture of Mockery.

    Take a look at British popular culture over the past half century. It’s nothing but a sustained campaign of mockery of traditional Britain. Back in the 60s we thought this was being done by the counter-culture – by bold avant-garde nonconformists attacking the Establishment. But it wasn’t. It was the Establishment doing the mocking. Tearing down everything that ordinary Britons cared about.

    The British people still haven’t figured out that it’s their own Establishment that hates them. The political, cultural, financial, bureaucratic Establishment. The hilariously misnamed Conservative Party. Even the Church of England, which has nothing but contempt for actual Christianity. Even the Monarchy, which has stood by and cheerfully watched while the country was trashed, occasionally rewarding the worst traitors with a knighthood or a peerage.

    It’s not the global left that has destroyed Britain – it’s the British Establishment.

    Never underestimate the absolute loathing that people like Theresa May have for everything Britain once stood for.

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