Softened up, infantilized and left behind [2]

In part one, following a rant about whistleblowing and punditry, came the realization that we’re being left behind technologically.

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The first exhibit was this:

Yet another example:

Exhibit 2: the nobbling of real security

The British police simply don’t have enough men to watch an insurgent army of this size, and have had to cancel famous public events like the Changing of the Guard to release police from duties like crowd security or road closures. “The sad truth about the Government’s decision to deploy up to 5,000 troops on British streets is that it is an admission of failure,” wrote Robert Verkaik.

British PM Theresa May, in a speech responding to the London Bridge attack, not only announced more regulations (including proposed restrictions on the Internet), but warned that things were reaching a tipping point.

May’s plan to regulate the Internet has the advantage of being easier to implement than watching 23,000 jihadis. When you can’t do what you should, then you do what you can. The West is in the “Three Stooges” phase of terrorism policy: if Larry can’t hit Moe, he hits Curley Joe.

Chuckles: “Actually, it’s a trivial problem, if you actually address the problem.”

Indeed – round up the 3000 core jihadis and deport. Simple. Why don’t they? Go right back to Yuri Bezmenov in Part one.

OK, let’s move on, to people in positions they should never be in:

Exhibit 3: the wrong women in the wrong positions

Look and weep:

At the same time they’re aspiring to be men, not coping:

They’re also aspiring to this objectification:

And they wonder why no one takes them seriously.  Yet I point out that the ones getting stuck into the vacuity and crazymindedness are fellow women, the good ones, the sane ones.

That clip at the top of this section was posted by a female who said that those girls were going to get those men killed in the heat of battle, a theme taken up by Christie O above.

The ideologues INSIST that women be men, that they can do anything men can do and better. They effing well can’t, not in things like this and it’s sane women who are pointing this out, not just men like myself whom you’d expect to.

And so to this one:

Reality Winner [what sort of name is that], a child just into her 20s, one of the brainwashed snowflakes, took it into her head that Trump was the antichrist and so leaked security information from the DoJ to the press and not just the press but the fake press.  Kass below wrote, to someone making fun of it:

What is insanity?

Insanity is when you are so brainwashed by narrative, false narrative, that you employ the most brainwashed to do your programme of wrecking of the nation – this child in former days would meet Old Sparky, no question.

And not only her but whoever employed her and whoever in the press handled the information, plus Obama if it leads back to him.  Or Clinton.

This kid didn’t start brainwashed – someone did it.  From her early childhood with her parents and schoolteachers to college and so on – she had a wall-to-wall diet of junk brain food.

To the point that nothing like ethics or right or wrong come into it any more.

Yuri Bezmenov.  Everything turned on its head.

Exhibit 4: the undermanned police

I heard a talk in 2010 by the mayor of Middlesbrough who said that police spend 13% of time on policing, the rest on bureaucracy.

Yes but not just on spurious bureaucracy but on spurious issues, eh, like protecting these:

May’s solution is to cut police funding further. Corbyn’s solution is to allow in hundreds of thousands more jihadis.

Part 1Part 2Part 3.

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