Worse than a Damien Hirst statue of a pregnant teen

As some sort of relief from the horrors of London Bridge and tonight’s kumbaya in Manchester, I went back to standard sources Bored Panda and Amusing Planet, only to be met, at the former, with article after article of kumbaya – from rain forests to a 96 year old bride – as if that’s a good thing – to all the rest of it.

It was horrible. And so to Amusing Planet and this about a face in a building:

At first I thought it was Karl Marx but then read that it was some aboriginal leader. he may well have been a respected aborigine, I don’t know, but why is his face a permanent eyesore in an elevated and inescapable place in the centre of the city?

It is a highly politicized thing to do and is like having a giant phallus or a 65 foot Damien Hirst statue of a pregnant teenager – only much larger than either of those, towering over the city and visible from most angles.

This stinks. Did anyone ask the people about it? No, some leftists decided that some permanent kumbaya was needed, blighting the Melbourne landscape in perpetuity or until that building comes down. It serves the same purpose as megamosques in key positions here – radical political statements in infrastructure, the left’s summum bonum.

I rate that in the same category as the Muslimn desecration of the Hagia Sophia. What’s wrong with it? I’ll tell you what’s bleedin’ wrong – it represents a well-opposed piece of political BS, a la Adam Goodes, where a significant percentage of the population not only don’t buy it, they strongly oppose it and the PTB plus the entire deluded left insist you vill haf it, no matter what.

As Rumpy Pumpy said at EU HQ; ‘Vee do it anyway.’

Eff off. The issue now is how to bring it down. We haven’t won this battle against the left by any means – this face in the building is not quite as bad as a London Bridge or Manchester killing but it stems from the same thinking.

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