While it was nice some days back to be able to offer encouragement to Hope Hicks as the new comms director for the White House – she being a savvy and talented gal – sadly we must return to the worst type of women again today:

According to the New York Post, NBC is reportedly “sparing no expense” on Kelly even though she arguably dragged down much of the network during her first two months there as her Sunday newsmagazine show was usually NBC’s weakest link.

Due to terrible ratings, Kelly’s Sunday show was pulled at least two episodes sooner than planned, and there are questions about whether the Sunday news magazine show that exposed her vapidness will even return after the football season.

Viewers promptly returned to NBC to watch a rerun of Dateline as soon as Kelly went off the air.

For those not up to speed on this woman who’s always resembled a reptile to me, she was a high flier at Fox, anchoring their key news and interview show and the sky was the limit.

Then her feminism got the better of her and she thought she was clever asking some outrageous [in rightwing terms] questions of DJT and he promptly banned her from his presence.  At that point, she or they miscalculated that Trump would not win and she was ‘the gal who socked it to Trump’.

Except it did not work out that way and as Fox, 2017, started ridding itself of key figures, well loved figures, so her star faded as well.  The Trump base would not have a bar of her any more and it was clear she’d have to go.

Which she did – to the leftwing NBC.  But it hasn’t worked.  Below are comments on her and the first comes back to that lizard look, which I only thought was a look, not an actuality:

#  She is the occult high priestess of Fake News. Satan’s evil liquid flows through her veins.

#  Kelly is reportedly flying and living the high life “on a charter jet with a support staff of five or six people, including a hairstylist, a makeup artist, a publicist and a security detail.”

These three are more measured and go into specifically why she fell:

#  The only reason why she was even a success is because she once convincingly anchored on conservative values. People liked what she had to say. Now she has it in her head that “she” alone is the reason for her success. People never wanted to watch you Megan, they wanted to tune in to someone who had the same values as them and who was once down to earth not arrogant and self-centered.


#  The reason Kelly had a successful show on Fox was because she was sandwiched between two of cables most powerful and successful shows: O’Rielly and Hannity. People probably left her show on after viewing ORielly while they ate dinner and then resumed watching when Hannity came on.


#  Kelly used to be a friendly but intelligent face on her daytime Fox show. Then she was promoted to her nighttime show.

After about a year, she started believing that she was this tough journalist. She interviewed Bill Ayers and was really aggressive in her questioning. She is not Tim Russert. She is not Barbara Walters.

To be a true journalist, you have to possess a certain style, including voice and demeanor. She came across as a bully. I still think to this day that at the first Presidential Debate she attacked Trump out of the gate with the very opening question.

She could have just said that he had said some unsavory comments about women, but no, she had to list every one – as kids were watching at home, etc.

It didn’t come off as good journalistic questioning – she came across as a bully. After his tweet attacks on her – sorry but totally justified – she started turning to the Left. Her interview with Putin was embarrassing, not to mention her attire. Her head has exploded way too quickly and she really thinks she’s something. She is her own worst enemy. She bit the hand that fed her.

Now we have three things here:

1. People do not like those who turn on their favourite sons and daughters – whatever was she thinking doing this? Attacking her own co-workers?

2. Americans will allow a brash person above himself until something like N1 happens or:

3. When a woman gets above herself. That is far more of a crime in people’s eyes. People will not accept this.

And thus, from near adulation, to this:

#  She will age faster than a Meth addict as a Lib. She’ll be Botoxing like Nancy Pelosi and getting a store bought chest to keep herself svelte and appealing, but there is nothing to fix her insides and her soul.

And this:

#  Kelly will never connect w/ an audience. She is distant and remote towards others. This came off in her human interest pieces. She is only suited for reading news and talking politics, nothing more.

Another two who got ideas above their station were Marissa Mayer at Yahoo and her friend Katie Couric who’d also been a high flier.  Katie [left] took the mega-salary bait and that was that:

Both of them played the cutie-pie for so long that when results did not accrue, it paled.

Hope Hicks on the other hand has not made that error yet [see her at 02:26]:

I for one am going to lodge a prayer for her.

One of the networks which looked at her new role had some journo with a checklist for her upcoming role and the last checkpoint was ‘self-effacing’.  People want women in those roles efficient, friendly, sweet … and self-effacing, not unlike Miss Lemon.

It’s a lesson Elizabeth I of this country learned well and her speech could have been a blueprint.  Once deviate from that, once become full of yourself, then the result is The Catbird Seat.

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  1. Mark Matis
    August 19, 2017 at 14:40

    I would not be too surprised if she soon looks like a clone of Diana Rigg:

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