You’ll never fly again

In the post on USS John S. McCain, the question asked was why or rather – how it happened. One of my thoughts was: “Were wimmin involved?”

This is not as spurious or misogynist as you may think. Look at as much of this video as you can stomach and then answer the question: “Are women serious people?”

I don’t mean are they deadly serious about what they want and about your faults – they are deadly serious about that.

No, I mean that young women themselves and in the effect they have on men around them, create a lack of seriousness, but in something like flying a plane or sailing a ship, that can be fatal.

The instant this vid started and some bint asked: “Boobs or arse?” great foreboding came over me.

It got worse.

Then, I went to comments. Someone had already picked up on the boobs/arse quip by the female, then came a woman’s comment, one Danielle S, pointing out that women should not be allowed anywhere near a cockpit and the video does nothing to negate her view.

Now, this is fair to an extent:

I question the wisdom of allowing a 20 year old to be a pilot. But this is offset a bit by the use of an airbus that has no manual flight controls in the event something goes wrong as it is nothing but a flying computer…….so he will never be required to ever really fly the plane. To me this is nothing but a recipe for future disaster that will in the end cost lives. Also I question the maturity level of a 20 year old male……again this will be a cause for problems.

… but it has its own issues. However dedicated and professional a young male can be induced to be, once bring a nubile woman into the picture and he goes silly, as the vid showed. Even oldtimers who should know better go silly to an extent.

There is no advantage to the airline in having women at the controls. There are several good reasons not to. However they’re usually softer in the cabin, which is where we want them.

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  1. ivan
    August 22, 2017 at 13:05

    James, you do realise that you are required to take that video with a shovel full of salt don’t you?

    It appears that most of the airline staff are hamming it up for the cameras to get laughs.

    • August 22, 2017 at 13:12

      Well aware and that’s the point – I take a dim view of non-serious people like this in charge of my safety. No thanks.

  2. August 22, 2017 at 19:13

    The narration was rubbish. The young chaps in training were reacting to the cameras. Good luck to them I say, and to the girls. I was most unimpressed with the New Zealand narration. The girl flying was not concerned about being lost at all. She had a friggin’ GPS driven moving map in front of her. She knew exactly where she was. She was very concerned – as she should be, and no wonder the training captain was – at being IFR when she should remain VFR. At that point in learning to fly she was barely into experienced VFR and had not even approached IFR training. The guy on the ground was shitting himself. It was his fault. He came very close to losing his cats and qualifications and licence there.

    As for the emphasis on ‘first take off’ there always has to be a first for goodness sake. The sims give far better training than the training Captains ever had back in their early days.

    I can say with some educated confidence that the ‘flying the plane’ part of the job is the straight-forward bit (except when something goes awry with the machine). The Nav and ATC elements – getting more complex by the day – the dip clearances, the weather and the passengers are the difficult elements.

    I have little or no problem with women pilots who are qualified for the task, anymore than with men, and we saw the quality of the traineed men in this vid. They are ordinary guys. 20 is a tad young but that was made clear. It was unusual.

    He and his peers will not be Command Pilots (PIC) for a long time. He will eventually move from trainee to co-pilot. He will spend many years as co-pilot before he takes command.

    The training counts. Girls may be less interested in aviation overall but those that go into piloting are generally as serious about it as any 20 year old bloke. The training and experience is what counts.

    Their maturity is more pressing than their gender. Appication to learning and the aptitude they start with counts. Training is designed to weed out poor trainees. It would be of interest to have a program on the training regime.

    The boobs and bums part was from a woman who was NOT one of the pilots. She was a hostie.

    The bit about the plane flying itself: being a flying computer, is nonsense. The Captain can go to manual at any point, although that would be pointless unless there were an emergency. If any critique should be made it is that pilot redundancy has gone a little too far and there needs to be a move back to compexity of task. Pilots should always be able to ‘Fly’ the plane.

  3. August 23, 2017 at 12:31

    Women are inherently unstable. It’s called the menstrual cycle. It’s why women should not be pilots. It’s also why women should not be captains of ships. It’s scary that this needs to be pointed out.

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