Incorrectly labelled boxes

You have three boxes, all containing fixings/fasteners, and all labelled incorrectly. You must get the labels right on all 3 boxes, the labels which read:

Box 1 – Nails
Box 2 – Screws
Box 3 – Nails & Screws

To get the information needed to move the labels to the correct boxes, you may remove a single item from one of the boxes, examine it, and you must then move the labels to the correct boxes. You may not look into the boxes, nor pick them up and shake them, etc. etc. etc.

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  1. September 25, 2017 at 18:12

    Take an item from box 3. It will identify the box as holding only nails or only screws. Let’s say it’s a screw.

    The box 1 marked nails contains either only screws or nails and screws. But box 3 contains only screws, so box 1 contains nails and screws.

    • September 25, 2017 at 21:24

      This is what the noble Chuckles has provided and maybe Mark has said that:

      Now the pedantic types would say that you dont have to open/look in any boxes, you just relabel them all ‘Nails and/or Screws’, but disregarding that:

      1. Remember that ALL boxes labels are incorrect.
      2. Remove a single item from the box labeled ‘Nails and Screws’.
      3. Whatever is drawn from the box, you
      a. Move the ‘Nails and Srews’ label to the box labelled as the OTHER type, the one NOT drawn.
      b. Move the label from that box to the box labelled as the item drawn, and
      c. Move it’s label to the original incorrectly labelled ‘Nails’ and Screws’ box.


      If the item is a nail, move the ‘Nails and Screws’ label to Box 2, the ‘Screws’ label to Box 1, and the ‘Nails’ label to Box 3.

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