Muscles I’d forgotten existed

You know, it’s sad in a way but this first day of rehab wasn’t too bad at all. By the time I realized they were really serious about this in a gymnasium, all the old body memories of the aches and pains came back.

None of which meant a thing because, being last in line to be allocated a trainer, I did not end up with the boss or the nurses but with the intern, the same one from last time with the lovely name. At one point she copied my details onto another man’s file but not to worry.

And worry she did when taking the blood pressure and it was too low. So she did it again. Then again. Had my pulse checked about a dozen times. Wot, me complain?

Also had four items dry-cleaned for £20 [three hour service], also just had a lovely pizza now. So this heart attack biz might be exhausting but it’s a lot of fun. She was simply the cream in the coffee.

[Oh and it seems I’m not out of the woods yet with the fractured heart.]

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  1. Penseivat
    September 21, 2017 at 21:55

    Watched this in a cinema in Frankfurt, where the film was supposed to be set, and the (German) audience howled with laughter at his pronunciation. Apparently, he learned the words phonetically from a (northern German) language teacher which is like a Scouse teaching English to someone who makes a speech in London. Still, found (the South African) Juliet Prowse made a good local.

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