The eternal, historical self-destruction of wimmin

You know, I really don’t want to do this but I must. There are those who see something wrong and just let it slide by for the sake of peace. Then there re curmudgeonly bstds like me who know they’ll make no friends from it but it still has to be done.

And especially since Friday when I had a really nice time with some women and do really love them, plus yesterday – yes it feels mean, almost bullying but it still has to be done.

See, there is a kind of woman who is a total waste of space, right up herself, a maniac wastrel, incapable, useless, ready at a moment’s notice to take offence, hormonally brittle like this one below and you really think – what is the point of being anywhere near it?

The dig came after Stayt supposedly scrunched up one of the new notes during the BBC Breakfast show. 

Defending himself, the presenter said: “Well, the reason we did that earlier on, we brought one in and just to check, we gave it a little bit of a scrunch – it was fine.”

The awkward exchange continued as Munchetty replied: “We were given those in good faith and you’ve crinkled them.”

This really had nothing to do with the notes. It had to do with her deciding long before that she didn’t like this guy and thus anything at all he did would be wrong, like leftists and RINOs with Trump, with one difference – he hadn’t really done anything wrong, she just thought he was above himself.

Another news segment followed about a dog called Finn running for mayor in the Canadian city of St John’s in Newfoundland.

But Munchetty was less than impressed with the choice of story.

“We’ve had discussions about whether or not we needed to tell that story,” she said. “Producer liked it, the producer says yes – it goes.”

Who the F does this woman think she is?  OK, let’s move on:

Susanna Reid stunned as Jennifer Lawrence STORMS OFF GMB after VERY personal question.

This Lawrence chick has been mercilessly slammed on Twitter by men and women so let’s not dwell.  All right, try this:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister on How She Is a Victim and Needs More “Microaffirmations”

My harassment began in the final days of 2016. At its worst, I was receiving a steady stream of emails and tweets filled with misogynistic, anti-Semitic bile. Some of these missives helpfully included links to longer and even more vitriolic rants about me, my work, and my family….

This is a bit each way – she’s a slapper but the reason might also hold water:

Ariel Winter says her mother sexualized her from a young age 

This one shows what a pain in the backside a certain type of woman is:

Matthew Halls was removed as artistic director of the Oregon Bach Festival following an incident in which he imitated a southern American accent while talking to his longstanding friend, the African-American classical singer Reginald Mobley.

It is understood a white woman who overheard the joke reported it to officials at the University of Oregon, which runs the festival, claiming it amounted to a racial slur.

This is pure woman – goes to the PTB and gets the target of her ire punished or damaged.  Does one need this sort of person around?  And if she is, does one get away from her quickly?  Does she think she’ll ever have any real friends?

The black man, by the way, saw it as a joke about the south in general.

Now let’s come back to the screenshot at the top, from the Roy Orbison song which was run last evening.  It’s a good song, even though that praises Bono:

Haunted by her side is the darkness in her eyes
That so enslaves me
But if my love is blind
Then I don’t want to see
She’s a mystery to me

Night falls I’m cast beneath her spell …

I’m ranting and raving here because I’m a sucker for a woman, I resent her power over me and yet adore it. Maybe a sucker for romance in all its forms.  Any man who’s blood is some shade of red knows precisely what I’m getting at.  Every single one of those guys would say he loves wimmin.

Now look at the last two lines of that verse:

Daylight comes our heaven turns to hell
Am I left to burn and burn eternally

Our heaven turns to hell.

In that GMB story above, it was presented that the two ‘squabbled’.  Bullsh, they never squabbled at all – she was just being a total bitch to him.  Sorry, it’s so.  She was hormonal perhaps, it may have been her time of the month.

Either way, such women are not easy, one is constantly treading on eggshells, one is on tenterhooks, not knowing what she’ll come out with next, I know it well.  Think about it – having to watch every single bloody word for fear of offending – just how long do you need that for?

And like Henry VIII, the lure and allure of the enchantress Ann Boleyn finally snaps and he just sees her now as a nagging cow, one he wants rid of unless she bucks up her ideas.

And women never, ever, ever seem to see this, down through the annals of history.  Messalina had power, riches, she could have had anything.  She blew it [and that’s not a pun].  Claudius was besotted until he was finally forced to face what a slapper she was.

And even though he got the execution order out of Claudius, the sidekick still feared backsliding from the Emperor. Rightly so.

Why are men such fools? So susceptible? Even after the prime reason, nooky, has faded – one chance encounter and the disease is full on again.  I could fall again just like that, despite this post.

And the other question – why do women do it? Fail to see how the allure dies just like that and why don’t some who see themselves as some sort of head-in-the-clouds femme-fatale, as in that screenshot at the top, why do they not see that in fact they’re selfish bloodsuckers and no man who’s seen through a woman’s BS before is ever going to fall for the Queen Bee again?

Why does a certain type of woman do these things eternally? Is it an inferiority complex, a power-grab thing?  I don’t know, truly I don’t.

No, he won’t fall for that type again … but as night follows day, he’ll eternally fall for the ‘nice’ girl, the damsel needing protection.

Which is precisely what the ‘modern’ woman is struggling not to be – she wants to be the Queen Bee.  Paypal has an ad just now about two power-dressed women arguing over picking up the tab, as in, ‘It’s mine.’  ‘No, Dora, it’s mine.’ Just as they’ve seen men do.

What a bore.

So there it is – I see no resolution.

3 comments for “The eternal, historical self-destruction of wimmin

  1. dearieme
    September 17, 2017 at 12:29

    “anti-Semitic bile”: the trouble is that nowadays “anti-Semitic bile” might mean anti-Semitic bile or it might mean making some mildly disparaging joke about an unlovely policy of the present Israeli government.

    No doubt some mendacious bastard will class that remark as anti-Semitic bile.

    Personally the only genuine anti-Semitic bile I’ve ever heard has come from Moslems, and from Poles and Irishmen. It reminds me that Moslems are the contemporary equivalent of Roman Catholics of olden times.

    • September 17, 2017 at 17:27

      There’s much unloveliness going on out there.

  2. September 17, 2017 at 17:31

    “”Why does a certain type of woman do these things eternally?::

    All things are possible (although many quite improbable) so we can expect a modest percentage of completely lunatic women just as we can expect Green politics men.

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