1. All you need to know about the Bremen Drop Tower:

2.  Saw this at Al Beeb:

Man ‘who saved the world’ dies at 77

Gordon Brown has died?

3. Straight from an expert:

Nigerians openly admit that white people are more disciplined in a lot of areas. In construction, the government hires more white engineers than locals. A German construction firm, Julius Berger, is so omnipresent that it practically built Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. They are very good at their job, as are many other Western firms. I would add that there are many capable Nigerian professionals, but they are often overlooked by other Nigerians, who prefer to hire foreigners.

4. Chuckles asks: ‘Couldn’t be pushing them out to make way for self driving truck convoys, could they?’


5. This will mean much to those of a certain inclination:

6. Hold my beer:

[Usual crew]

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