The Mattress Wars

On the face of it, this has all the hallmarks of “click out quick” – the slick, tired old, commercial sector biz-layout, the single column with someone rabbiting on and on and on, the journospeak, the pop up panel which covers the text and won’t go away unless you click on the X, something I refuse to do … and so it goes on.*

However, persevere and you get an idea of the start-up world today, the dog-eat-dog life:

Kenny told me that in the last few years, numerous mattress reviewing websites had sprung up. Then he made a strangely implausible claim: Just a few days before, the mattress e-commerce company Casper had sued three bloggers–competitors of Kenny’s–whose reviews Casper didn’t like. Kenny and his business partner, fortunately, had been spared.

In July 2015–a month after the $55 million investment–Krim revived his email chain with Mattress Nerd’s Mitcham, informing him that while Casper had “decided to sunset” its affiliate relationships, it nevertheless would be interested in exploring “economic relationships beyond the affiliate program structure.”

“Nothing would make us happier than to pay you a ton of money,” Krim elaborated in his next email, “but we need to do it in a context of being accretive to Casper. Currently you actively endorse a competing product on our review page. What can we do not to have you endorse another product as superior to ours?

And so on. The cut throat world of slumber.

* My attitude to the slick layout they call “professional” has been getting increasingly jaundiced of late.  The feeling comes over that the glitzy presentation is all and then that big lettering, for children, almost makes one feel that everything else has been removed so that one’s naughty eyes won’t stray from the gospel words.

They might call that optimization, uncluttered but I call it overt, unsubtle manipulation and want no part on’t.

In fact, it’s a valid stance, in my book, to maintain a more amateurish layout and that is exactly what I want in my boat too. I nearly bought some expensive decking but then realized it didn’t suit – far better to have ordinary timber planks which were good, strong and honest.

There was a boat I was looking at being built in Norway  – looking for ideas here – and they were actually hewing the trees with axes.  Ahem [cough], that’s a bit OTT perhaps, local woodyard will do, thanks.

[H/T Chuckles]

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  1. October 19, 2017 at 15:18

    Best read all month. 🙂

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