Why oh why are they wasting time on these irrelevancies?

Why is it SO difficult for Theresa May to wake up?

After the news that Germany is seeking a “comprehensive trade accord” with Britain post-Brexit, now Sweden is drawing up plans for the next stage of talks.

There are these things called countries, sovereign nations and they do trade deals. Then there is an irrelevant monstrosity led by greedy, communist incompetents which managed to get a stranglehold on a continent … and instead of country negotiating with country, the PM wastes her waking minutes making 100bn euro deals with nobodies in a crumbling pseudo empire.

We have a stupid woman in charge, leading a bunch of stupid men and women, thinking this EU is somehow a nation to have to deal with.

Stop it, walk away and get on with building trade deals with the other nations, not that companies need any government trade deals – this is just something politicians do to make themselves seem relevant to business.

1 comment for “Why oh why are they wasting time on these irrelevancies?

  1. Mark Matis
    October 20, 2017 at 13:46

    You do NOT “…have a stupid woman in charge…

    You DO have a corrupt globalist in charge. The total intent of her, and her government, is to show your country how stupid YOU were to vote for Brexit, and make you BEG to be let back into the club. She and her government will do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to make this turn out as badly as possible for the Mere Citizens of the UK. You can rest assured, however, that the Elite will be spared any suffering.

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