A different quiz format for the Hyksos

There is a much used device in teaching called the cloze exercise [or test], in which numbered gaps are left in a text, sometimes with a clue, and the idea is to fill in the gaps.

Anyway, to the material and the exact time frame is by no means established – some estimates say 250 years:

Six Hyksos kings ruled for 108 years c. 1655 – 1547 BC

And here’s the quiz [sorry if it’s so simple as to insult the reader]:

The kings proclaimed themselves pharaohs with all the regalia and tradition attached to that title and in the more than a hundred years they ruled [1] n____ Egypt. it was mainly a time of peace and prosperity.

A large advantage in combat was their introduction of [2] h____ (a new animal to the Egyptians) and improved weapons. Control seemed to be through the middle Egyptian town of [3] H____ and thus it divided the Nile Valley into two parts, with the Egyptian dynasties numbers [4] __ and [5] __ ruling the south.

There seems to have been little hostility between the two parts until the last 20 years, after a century of relatively peace. The XXth dynasty of Egyptians (possibly from the [6] A__dos region) may, with time, have been vassals to the Hyksos and were then taken over by the contemporary YYth from [7] T____ who started the liberation war that finally wiped out the Hyksos from Egypt.

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