Everyone agrees that to be left-wing and liberal is to be a better, more caring and compassionate human being. It proves what an enlightened and open-minded person you are. It sets you apart from conservatives and right-wingers, those selfish and nasty folk who are obviously racist, oafish and horrid. I mean, just look at Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and people of that ilk. Aren’t they ghastly?

All this is true, right? Wrong. Being caring is actually a licence to be nasty. Not only this year have we witnessed a torrent of abuse and slander from the supposedly caring left, directed at so-called populists in the UK and the US, we have also seen physical violence acted upon them.

While still in the same orbit as Amon Duul II, let’s mention this commune in Germany in the 70s, with their ‘accept anyone of any creed or attitude’ attitude, this just brought members of Bader Meinhof to them and I saw an interview with Renata, the singer, who put up with their antics for a certain time and then told them to get the hell out of their commune.

For Renata and for so many other lefty women, their concept is love for the bird with the broken wing, for all creatures great and small – I have one of these on my Twitter timeline. However, for a huge number of her fellow love-everyoners, it’s far more fun to inflict violence on others they hate.

The centre-right can be violent too but only in an infrequent, focussed, terminal way. We’re generally law-abiding but if one day pushed, the violent lefty won’t be getting up again. Best we just keep ourselves to ourselves for now.