Pre-Boomer music – think this says anything which needs to be said:

Gotta bittova problem here. There’s music tomorrow evening, so best run this now, despite the many posts today. My first thought, looking at an article about the limited lass who thought a hotwater bottle heated itself:

… was that the definition of a Millennial has become somewhat loose.  Time for some arithmetic.

If we start with Boomers generally seen as being born from 1945 till about 1962, and if that gap is extended to 1979 to encompass Gen X, then Millennials would have been born between 1979 and 1996.

Adjusting that a little to incorporate the turn of our century, if the years are nudged a little, let’s say Boomers were till about 1963/4, Gen X ’64 to about ’82, then that’s about right.

Wiki says:

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.

Boomer music:

That’s fine as a general idea and Millennials would be 17 to 35 today. Therefore, it would be right to call that hotwater bottle girl late Millennial. Plus the university students we’re castigating.

Today’s mid-teens though and younger, the ones abused in schools today, need a different designation to Millennial and not only that but according to that chart, 2018/19 is the cutoff when yet another designation will be required.

Gen X music:

What’s a generation anyway?

It’s obviously the difference between you and your progeny but as a social designation, how does it hold up?

Those with my cultural background and education, music, the things we did, were born in the shadow of the war, so maybe ’43 to the late 50s but no later. If you said Beatles and Stones, it would be quite meaningful to us. That’s a generation, IMHO.

If you said Bill Haley, Andrews Sisters, Laurel and Hardy, then that’s the lot before us. If you said acid house parties, one earring, tatts, chips-on-the-Gen-X-shoulder, discos, Paul Oakenfold, a down time, that’s clearly after us.

If our conscious median point was, say, 1965-9, Byrds to Woodstock, then progressives like ELP and Floyd, then the next lot’s median is mid to late 70s, into the 80s and mid-Maggie. It would include ska, Queen, Wham but not boy bands – they’re later.

Millennials had their median around Macarena, house, trance, drum and bass, drugs for far more than just the in-crowd, the rise of black rap even done by whites, e,g, East 17, Betty Boo. It was boy band time and some girl bands, Bryan Adams, Titanic.

Millennial [Gen Y] music:

Katie Perry to Jay Z, the disgusting Minaj, also Ed Sheeran – these are Gen Z. Say Taylor Swift to them, but say Sk8er Boi to Millennials. Total cellphone eargluing is Gen Z, not Millennials.

Many of the readers here are not even Boomer, they’re earlier and to you, I’m the brash new kid on the block, trying to teach my elders to suck eggs. Think I lost my last Millennial and Gen Z readers a few years back. Let’s see, there was a 23 year old girl who left me around 2014 – so she was cusp of Millennial/Gen Z.

That’s some perspective. My key cardio nurse, I’d think, is about 22 now, so later Millennial. My mate is quite a few years younger than me and is a grandfather many times over. The girls I last taught in 2008 were mid-Millennial.  The first class I ever taught are 54 years old now.

Though even midpoint is fraught as a designation, the range around it is OK. The Vera Lynn generation was not us. The Who was.

The new Gen Z of the 2010s:

‘Nuff said?  What comes next?

I know you’re just dying to know, by the way, that Amy Noonan has just gone solo and is referred to now, please, as Qveen Herby.

Yep, I BS you not.

Putting our age in perspective

Methinks we do need to consider that a modern kid like Justin Timberlake is a generation after Gen X, two after the Boomers and two before the upcoming Gen Whatever.  Britney Spears is now an old-timer – think about that.

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