They’re going to be a bit annoyed with me on Thursday because of a silly thing which happened today.

As previously mentioned, I’ve rejoined a gym and this supplements and includes Thursday with the medics. As I had no training plan for the other days, I had to write my own, with fitness staff, and today was the second session.

I went back to exercises I knew from when I used to train and one was a thing called French press, otherwise known as the forehead crusher:

As you see, it’s not a chest exercise, which I’d done a few minutes earlier. The second exercise of that chest regime was called the chest fly:

That bit went well, on light weights [two 8kg dumbbells] and the previous bench press had been like an old friend but when, minutes later, I upped the weight just a tad on the French press, suddenly the side of the chest gave way. Somehow, I got the bar to the floor all right, then stopped all upper body work.

Damned lucky and was able to continue the cycling and abs, so it wasn’t a whole organism thing.  Plus the chest quickly returned to normal.  But it needs to be left a week now and not sure what I can do on Thursday – calves?  Probably just do mainly aerobic.

What it brought home was that it’s not the same now. In the old days, doing that French press after the chest fly would have been a nice adjunct for a thorough workout but now, after the heart attack, don’t think those things are possible, compound exercises.

So, it’s back to the training plan and changing to safer exercises.  Learning curve.

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  1. Ubermouth
    November 15, 2017 at 12:49

    Yoga is as effective as weight training with less risk.

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