She is a major part of the problem

Mayor Val Johnson

No, I’m not speaking of jihadis or black rights violence or the disabled – I’m speaking of these bints:

[Female Mayor Val] Johnson’s voiced changed. She said [female councillor] Bauman was “the exact reason” New Brighton needed a task force. If Bauman didn’t understand white privilege, the mayor continued, she was handicapped in representing the community in its entirety. “What you have just said,” Johnson [added], “is the most racist — “

“Excuse me?” interrupted Bauman. “Don’t you ever, ever accuse me of that. You have no basis to say something like that in public.”

The mayor offered clarification: “Let me rephrase it. That statement was one of the most racist things I’ve ever heard.… That statement that you’re not feeling the white privilege thing.”

They started yelling.

“You’re interrupting me! By golly, I’m running this meeting!” said Johnson.

How on earth did SJW, swamp creature, feminazi Johnson ever get to be Mayor of a city, totally unqualified as she is to represent the majority?

The most power she should EVER be allowed is over the home economy and even then she’d need periodic checking.  And of course, the weapons in her armoury include tears and victimhood:

The exchange simmered when Johnson got teary-eyed: “Goddonnit, Gina! I’m passionate about this! I’m so passionate about hearing all sides of the story and for you to disregard the fact that white privilege exists is beyond me.”

I don’t want to see her, hear her, I don’t want her in charge of anything relating to my life.  With her capacity for logic, I don’t wish to engage in any way whatsoever. I want her to just eff off, along with the rest of them.

There was an incident Sunday. We were at a garden centre and had lost one of our members – I went to look.  One of the helpers nearby, a middle-aged woman, heard our conversation and was smiling.

‘When a lady does not want to be found,’ I said,’ she cannot be found.’  Now she grinned.  She was a good sort.

Off I went and at one point, there was a traffic jam of Christmas shoppers, which was OK but as I squeezed through, with, ‘Excuse me please,’ a fat, middle-aged woman in a mobility car buzzed into the gap and cut off my access.  No matter, I went round the back of her the other way and as I passed, she said, ‘That’s very rude you know.’

I stopped dead, turned and looked into her eyes with that look I reserve for such occasions [it has a slightly menacing, manic aspect to it, as if she’s about to die].

At that point, I decided not to engage because the task in hand was our lost lady, so I just muttered, ‘Stupid woman,’ and any sympathy from people around suddenly swung over to jabba the hutt.

She was fortunate because I was about to eyeball her with a lecture about effing SJWs and professional victimhood and how her kind would get theirs one day.

What frightened me was how close I was, not to anything physical but I really was about to take her apart. On a Sunday afternoon in a garden centre.  This is what the frustration over these bints has brought us to.

This is what the PTB want us to do – to boil over and the stupid people like her will get it in the neck first, it won’t be the actual PTB.

And it should be the PTB, those hiding in their clubs and lodges.  By rights, I should have gone to London, tracked them down and given it to them there.

Cue to yesterday and I was shopping.  An old lady in her mobility car was ahead and it was clear she could not reach her groceries in the basket up front, so to save us all time, I asked if I could put them on the conveyor.  The checkout lady then packed them for her, came round and put them in her basket again.

Now that’s how it all should have been, that’s how we should deal with one another. Everyone was patient and the checkout lady was all smiles with me when my turn came. It’s nice, it calms everyone.

No way though with a demi-man, middle-aged SJW, no way known. It would be all I could do not to strangle her, not that I ever have. Wouldn’t want any contact with her.

4 comments for “She is a major part of the problem

  1. Mark Matis
    November 14, 2017 at 12:25

    No reason to strangle her. That’s what .308 or .223 are for.

  2. November 14, 2017 at 12:59

    Once upon a time Mayors were fairly wealthy tradesmen, shopkeepers, local businessmen. They were people who had ‘nous’ and knew how to maximise effort and keep expenses low (except for their own, that is). People knew them. Well, people of note did.

    Now just how people get to be a mayor is completely unknown. ‘We’ vote in local elections for people we have never heard of and know nothing about. That is if we vote at all. I am guessing that in America it is even less common for people to vote in local elections.

    So, complete nobodies get put into place by invisible somebodies, for agendas that are never made public.

    There was an occasion once in Melbourne when I did not vote in a local council election. One ‘has to’ here. I received a notice informing me that I was to be fined $10. I went to the council office and told the chap at the counter that I was refusing to pay. I explained that I did not know or even know of the candidates who had not even bothered to speak to me or even give out a list of their policies. I had no basis to vote for any of them. He argued and gave the usual threats of ‘court’. I still refused. The ‘Zupervizor’ vass zummont, who also told me I had to pay or go to court. I chose to go to court. ‘They will make you pay’, he told me. I told him I would not. “Then you will go to jail”. “OK” said I. ” I shall go to jail and it will cost the taxpayers food and lodging. I shall watch TV and eat with new friends, but I still will not pay you friggin’ $10″. He argued. I told him that I had nothing better to do for the rest of the day than to stand and argue with him: indeed was happy to. But I was not going to pay.

    He gave up and let me off.

    • November 14, 2017 at 17:08

      Yep, they never ask us.

    • November 15, 2017 at 01:43

      Now just how people get to be a mayor is completely unknown.

      Nobody with any genuine ability wants to waste their time on something as mind-numbingly boring and trivial as local government. Therefore it attracts people who are prepared to put up with the boringness in exchange for a taste of petty power. Women will put up with almost any amount of tedium to get petty power. Especially unattractive women who have no prospects of happiness other than interfering in other people’s lives. The Theresa May Syndrome – bitter childless women who are totally lacking in ability but have a passion for ordering other people about.

      Local government is also very attractive to the Captain Mainwarings of this world. Pompous busybodies with inflated ideas of their own importance. People who love organising committees.

      The lower the level of government, the more likely you are to find such useless drones.

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