If today’s child, now all grown-up, goes to an interview, it’s not just a child entering that room but today’s child, replete with scrambled brains and all sorts of self-entitlement and self-protective buzzwords.

And she is dangerous. I say ‘she’ because boys tend to go for different solutions, such as the one punch, whereas the girls will ‘get you into trouble’. And just as with Muslims, one can never know who’s benign and who’s a nutter, so it is with young ladies.

Yet the influences from outside are on boys as well as girls. Using the Wail as a source has all the pitfalls you’d expect, from the sensationalism to the clickbait and yet no one else is going to bring it to the public eye – the Beeb for example will either not touch this or sugarcoat it.

I mean, if you know zero about the subject, then anything they can provide is a manyfold increase in your knowledge on the subject. For example:

Even on YouTube Kids — an app supposed to offer only filtered, child-friendly clips — damaging material is slipping under the radar.

Despite parents repeatedly raising the alarm, Google-owned YouTube told the Mail earlier this month that over the previous 30 days, one in 200 videos meant for kids on the app have had to be removed for being ‘inappropriate’.

Considering that a recent survey by internet security experts Kaspersky Lab found the average child spends 40 minutes a day watching online videos on a mobile device — as many as 20 short clips a day — it’s not hard to work out the risks of coming across such material, or the psychological harm it could cause.


In one fake Peppa Pig cartoon, a dentist with a huge syringe pulls out a character’s teeth while she cries in pain. In another, the character asks to see pornography on her parents’ computer and is shown drinking bleach.

Too many Libertarians will grit their teeth, set their jaws and utterly reject that a child is not an adult, is at a different stage of development, the Libertarian will demand the child has exactly the same rights as an adult and is capable of making a decision about transgender and being gay at 5 years of age.

As a former educator, the whole thing is horrifying – you only need do a year of child psychology to see that what the ignorati with the agendas are pushing is setting up a very, very sick society.

I mention this because the girl in this office below, going for a job, is not a ‘nice, innocent cutie’ in the least – she’s been turned into a little monster. And as we’ve been on percentages and scale today, it’s obvious that not all are like that but there are a hell of a lot more than there were thirty years ago.

That is, the chances of that man encountering that girl today are so many more times over. Yes, it’s obviously a parody and they’re good actors, yes, no man over 55 in his right mind would be in that room alone with a girl these days.

Even him admitting he’s sacking her when she’s not yet hired is very iffy. He could be said to have admitted she had the job by mentioning the 8 a.m. starts – the language he couched it in was ambivalent. Any lawyer representing her would point to that.

That’s the insanity today which we in blogland know about – but would every 55 year old programmer be aware of what young females can do?

I’m as forewarned as any on the dangers of young females and yet I found myself in that situation yesterday, shan’t mention her name, we get along famously and she’s much older than the one in the vid but there were four or five times it was iffy in today’s societal terms – she was in that room alone with me and quite closeby, very close because she wasn’t even thinking along those lines and therefore was not on her guard.

There was one point where she said she could phone me on my mobile or I could phone her. I said I didn’t carry my mobile and had never learnt the number. She went to get hers, to write it down.

It was the business’s number, thank goodness.

Where this post is going is that all those things we read horror stories about are now making that transition to real life and your chances of encountering something you want no part of are much higher.

For example:

It was set in rock that gays did not give blood, nor should the diseased and drug addicts. Now look at it. You’re in an accident next week and what?

The thing is, there is no ‘opting-out’ mechanism these days.


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  1. dearieme
    November 30, 2017 at 01:21


  2. November 30, 2017 at 06:59

    Be prepared. Anticipate. Have all the relevant experience and skills at hand and tip of tongue.

  3. November 30, 2017 at 07:15

    The females love that type of thing. Wonder what the preparation for, say, a CFO job a genuine contender [that is – one who knew finance] would do that morning.

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