Ансамбль “Белое злато”

Carols resume tomorrow evening, jazz on the 31st.

The global elite have pushed their World Culture abomination into every land, it’s even started in Russia but these things below do still exist, thank goodness.  Nations, by definition, contain the good, the bad and the ugly – some very low people, of brusque, brutal behaviour, high quality people too. Most are just middling.

In Russia’s case, many have called it the Russian soul – a bit artless, uncomplicated, warm, enthusiastic, with a natural modesty in public, based on the strong extended family, a people who can be closed but are largely without artifice, with strong role identification.  Which is another way of saying men are men and women are women.

As for music, I prefer outdoor recitals with many things going on the whole time:

In these clips, there is so much going on in the background – I picked up two things from this one below.  First was the girl second from our left – she doesn’t seem altogether a natural part of it – she’s far more demonstrative than the others – wonder what the story is.

Second was that near the end, a loud howling noise can be heard in the background through a tannoy, which probably stops their song. It was only afterwards that I think I identified it – the howling was the Muslim call to prayer.  If so, then I feel sorry for the people in the area. Also, they seem to be in a furniture store.

You only need look at the dress, the deportment, the lack of manliness of these young women in these clips. They may be ladies, they may not, but they can’t hide that Russian soul – it does not depend on their immediate behaviour, it comes out from deep within, put there by preceding generations and Mother Russia itself.

The massive tragedy in the west is that our core culture has gone, that thing that makes a person unmistakably from that nation, now culture is the Kardashians and Taylor Swifts, Miley Cyruses, the gaudy, graceless gigolo and slapper Strictlys, the appalling Last Jedi, the tatts and piercing, the harsh crow voices.

The girls in this ensemble are not necessarily ‘the cream’, selected to present a fine, faux veneer, but are typical – I taught hundreds of that age and they acted, on the whole, just that way.  They looked that way, there was a natural grace and charm to them.

If we could somehow get back to our roots and expunge this World Culture, there’d by no means be a Garden of Eden with perfect innocents roaming around – there’d  just be a normal society again with the good, the bad and the ugly, with its own local issues, but at least it would have its own particular culture.

The ensemble does have a Facebook page but it’s a bit amateurish: https://www.facebook.com/BeloeZlato/ and a Last FM page which won’t help all that much as it’s in Russian.

By the way, check out the family and dog behind them in this clip:

To take us out this evening:

1 comment for “Ансамбль “Белое злато”

  1. robert wyatt
    August 13, 2018 at 16:26

    i have been mesmerised by these young women-have listened/watched dozens of their videos. and however unapologetically informal they appear, the high quality of their craftsmanship—they really know what they’re doing,harmonically- is frankly stunning. it is so charming they they do not act like the great talents that they are..they make it look easy-but it is not [ i am a professional singer in england].maybe the fertility of the ‘folk’ culture they have inherited is the key to their confident authority. i don’t want to sound pretentious so i just add,i received a cd from an acquaintance in Samara,and i am so happy to have it: the one where they are made to look very thin on the cover–this is not needed, pretty though it is : their natural look is fine enough !

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