Today’s murder of Crows

The post below almost insults the poor old crow:

Jenna Louise Coleman is one of them, so is one of the three in this clip – the fair-haired one at the far end:

Saw another clip of this singing trio and that one at the end was having her hair done by her father, she threw a tantrum and ordered him out of the room.

And he went. Not a word. In that is everything you need to know about the spoilt little brat. One in the middle singing is fine, apart from not being able to sing, so is the one at the near end.

What are the immediate early warning signs of a young monster?

1. Body language – hard, sharp, graceless;
2. Inappropriate dressing for a kid;
3. Eyes – hard, cold, calculating, avaricious;
4. The voice.

The voice

This is the killer and to explain and illustrate, a tale from Monday.

Coming back in the bus from hospital, I was behind two girls of maybe Year 7 level [as are the trio in the clip] and they were being silly, giggling over nothing, making stupid comments, all the things girls used to do in the old days.

But more than this, they were immaturity was feminine, no harshness, just silly kids. The way it should be at that age. They got off at my stop and just before, I asked what there was to laugh about. They burst out again. As they should.

Compare that to the harsh crow voice of that fair-haired monster in that trio, compare it to Jenna Coleman – hard, wisecracking, staccato, machine gun. In itself it means not much but what it conceals is not nice. It’s one of the new breed, wrecked by teachers and parents.

And neither Jenna Coleman nor fair-haired has the least clue it is not beautiful, it is not tough, it is not nice, it is not appropriate for a child, it is sad.  They have not a clue they’ve been turned into little monsters.

And here’s the full blown version of the monster, though admittedly the voice is less harsh here [which is something]:

The adult version

The grown monster is bullish, brutal, immovable, harsh in voice and body language, she mutters, “Shurrup,” before clipping the sprog – funny in Monty Python, not so funny in real life.

And somehow, they marry small men and give them GBH of the earhole for the rest of their lives.

I generally just look at them and  ask, “Are you happy with your life?  Tell me what went wrong.”

The truly tragic thing is that this type, old and young, is proliferating now, it’s become the norm.

2 comments for “Today’s murder of Crows

  1. December 13, 2017 at 05:16

    It’s some years ago now that I was the busy reception/concourse area of a comprehensive school, waiting to meet a staff member.There was a high proportion of Asian pupils. I noticed that, when the girls talked to each other in their native language, they appeared pleasant and generally smiling. When they spoke English, their demeanour frequently changed to the type you describe and the accent combined estuarine overtones with the local. It was as if they switched between two personality types – not all of them, of course, but many. The locally influenced variety was not pleasant. I had a long enough wait for the phenomenon to recur sufficiently to make it stick in my mind.

    • December 13, 2017 at 06:07

      You seem to be an early bird like me.

      There does seem something there beyond the Charlotte Church pottymouthedness. Ms Church’s voice is still feminine but this thing you mention is not, it’s hard, even harsh, clipped, mumbled or shot out.

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