When people refuse to acknowledge abuses

Let’s come back to these links from Distant Relative.

This post is about truth, it’s about an organization which is officially wedded to the truth and as Jesus of Nazareth pointed out, anyone seeking or speaking truth is going to be vilified.

The Pharisees exist in all organizations, from the Druids to Walmart execs to the GOP to the Tory Party [I mention those two because the other side is already wedded to untruth] and one does not deviate from the party line the High Priests have woven around the truth, except on pain of death or other nasty things – just ask the ghosts of Dr. David Kelly and Seth Richards.

This post is not directed at the organization itself, which largely does a good job – Walmart offers affordable goods in a one stop shop for example – the concept works.

It is directed at the Pharisees, the human Keepers, plus all the people these High Ups have led astray and who will blindly defend the Pharisees, thinking that by so doing, they’re defending the faith.  This site has always gone straight at the Pharisees – if it’s good enough for Jesus of Nazareth, it’s good enough for us.

And if one is concerned, like a Chaucer, Joan d’Arc, Zwingli or Luther about abuses and one does not speak out, then Edmund Burke is not going to be happy.  Nor Niemoeller.  Nor Jacob Rees Mogg [a Catholic who gives Catholicism a good name].

Nor this man:

So, DR’s links, plus all the posts at this site on abuse and coverup, plus those on symbolism, caused me to contact some Catholic organizations such as the Knights Templar, Knights of Malta etc.

I put to them the links, plus these pictures:

They were of the hall where the Pope receives visitors. One of the Templars said the statue dates from the 70s, at which I suggested it must have followed Vatican II and the “freeing up”of the Church.  He did not reply.

He was also avoiding the main question, the serpent, so I asked him directly about that. Oh, he said, it’s not a serpent from a close up angle. Whaaaaa?  So it is from this faraway angle though?

J’accuse him of not being straight about it.

Let me pause to mention an article I have somewhere in the vault, concerning a young Jewish man, now Christian, who wrote to a Rabbi with some curly questions. The questions were so good that I need to dig that article out again.

The overwhelming impression [as I do not know the intended meanings of those early Hebrew words, best to let that go] was that the Rabbi went through phases:

1. To dazzle the young man with catechism and stats, after all, the Rabbi was steeped in Jewish dogma, the Talmud’s official replies to curly questions etc.

2. When the young man continued with even curlier questions and pointed out discrepancies between what this and another Rabbi replied, this one now pulled rank – you are young and callow, I am a Chief Rabbi, learned in the ways etc.

But he had still not answered the questions to the satisfaction of many readers.

3. The abuse of the young man began and then the Rabbi cut off all correspondence.

I should point out that the young man had written in respectful tones the whole way through, just as I did with the chief Templar and Knight of Malta for those regions, the ones putting out the Catholic apologies [I’m using that word in its formal sense, in a positive way, not as a negative].

And that was all the more interesting to me because they are trying to organize an alliance of Europeans just now to drive the jihadis out and they clearly saw me as an ally, being a Christian and close to Catholicism in many ways.

My question in this post is – how can they convince anyone to join their alliance if they won’t be straight with those people on the curly questions? How can they convince people that they are speaking the truth and cleaning their own house if they follow that old Pharisaic and Rabbinical reaction described above?

Yes, people like me are pains, we threaten the cushy comfort of the wall of dogma and challenge Pharisees and Rabbis. And Templars. And Master Masons. Are we the enemy of the faith? Not at all, we just want matters addressed, swamps drained and so on.

The straight thing to have done would have been to acknowledge that yes, that architecture was an image of the serpent, of course it bleeding well was, that it somehow got under the guard of the Church, a large organization and the meeting room will now change to one with Christian symbolism.

But they didn’t do that.  You see, they don’t have to convince fellow Catholics, they have to convince us out here.  And they’re not going to do it that way.

All right, let’s move on:


A remarkable new book about the Francis papacy is set to be released in English this coming Monday, December 4th, after an Italian debut earlier this month that is rumored to have made quite a splash in Rome. Entitled, The Dictator Pope, it is described on the Amazon pre-order page as “The inside story of the most tyrannical and unprincipled papacy of modern times.”

The book promises a look “behind the mask” of Francis, the alleged “genial man of the people,” revealing how he “consolidated his position as a dictator who rules by fear and has allied himself with the most corrupt elements in the Vatican to prevent and reverse the reforms that were expected of him.”

OnePeterFive has obtained an advance copy of the English text, and I am still working my way through it. Although most of its contents will be at least cursorily familiar to those who have followed this unusual pontificate, it treats in detail many of the most important topics we have covered in these pages, providing the additional benefit of collecting them all in one place.

I still haven’t fully explained what I’m getting at here. The site this article is on is called One Peter Five, and if you go to the navigation, it is clearly a Catholic site:

Therefore, it’s a mighty surprising thing to see talk of a dictatorship.  Now for myself – even the Templars recognize that I am more an Anglo-Catholic, anti-high-Masonry than anything else, certainly no atheist and no Ian Paisley nor Calvin.  In short, I am amicable in many ways with Catholics.

Yet Christians are the very ones doing the accusing, so if they’re doing that, then what would serious anti-Christians do?

You see what I mean here?  The sole thing the Catholic High Priests must not do, if they wish to keep their flock, is to bury the head in the sand and try to fob us off with feeble replies like that about the serpent architecture.  That is self-destructive in the extreme, we are not fools.

And a group of high Catholic churchmen did approach this Pope some time back about precisely his straying from doctrine and scripture.  If the Church is to keep its flock, it must acknowledge what’s been happening and act to drain the swamp, as the Donald is doing.

It’s all very well saying that human foible is not the same thing as the integrity of scripture – of course it’s different but it’s the human foible itself which needs correcting, from gay orgies in the Vatican to paedo priests.  And it must be now.

But instead, the Catholic church is covering up in a desperate attempt not to lose any more devotees,  precisely what they should not be doing.  It’s pumping out stats showing that the paedo problem is nowhere near as reported, which still does not address why it didn’t act on the abuse which did occur.

If the Catholic church wishes me to return to the One True Church, then it will have to start being honest with both itself and potential adherents and give better answers than it has, together with the action plan it intends to implement to drain the swamp.  And sorry but I do not accept that it is currently doing this.  Nor is the Left doing this about its PCism and global socialism, nor is any monolithic organization as far as I can see.

I do not have Ninety-five Theses or a Disputation on the Power of Indulgences to nail to a Wittenburg church door, I only have this post.

3 comments for “When people refuse to acknowledge abuses

  1. Distant Relative
    December 6, 2017 at 12:19

    Still struggling to get my head round the bare-faced Luciferian snake symbols in that building and the cognitive dissonance which followed. Lost for words and saddened.

  2. Bob H
    December 6, 2017 at 14:39

    Pope John Paul II did his part in promoting paganism as an equal partner to Christianity.


    Not that I have any truck with Catholicism, but what would St Francis of Assisi had he seen the array of other gods on the altar of his church?

  3. December 6, 2017 at 17:14

    And of course, it’s all been overtaken by events today.

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