Masquerade neareth the end

masque girl front pageIt never seems to end but it does end in the end.

14 pages to go out of around 503,000 words [around 1437 dead tree pages], calling it a night at 20:45.

Need to put a final twist into those 14 pages and then, unfortunately, go back through the book again and add references to that at intervals – I know specifically where.

Then half a day on navigation and that will be about it.  Tomorrow.

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  1. January 19, 2018 at 04:44

    The writing per se hath ended at 03:52. The story hath been told [still in Word form, not yet online].

    Now comes the blinkin’ editing, formatting, navigation insertion and the final proofing, which means I’m going to have to read it again for the umpteenth time and dovetail new insertions later in the story.

    I’m trying to get all this done before boatbuilding season starts again.

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