Sidelights on the Australian Open

Naturally, the Australians are not happy with the special treatment Federer has received – it seems pretty hot down there at the moment, by the way.

I thought this by Novak Djokovic interesting:

“Our sport has become an industry,” Djovokic, who’ll play 21st-seed Albert Ramos-Vinolas on Friday, said. “It’s more business than a sport. At times I don’t like that. Of course we’re all blessed to have great financial compensation, great lives. I’m very grateful for that. At the same time, what is most important for us is our health and what happens after our careers, after you’re 30, 35. There are many players [who] can’t physically walk, run, jog, whatever. They’re struggling some way or another, health-wise or physiologically.

You have to understand what the player goes through. There is no indication that we’re going to have any discussion for a shorter season or anything like it. We’re just adding events, official events, unofficial events. It feels, from a player’s perspective, that you’re always in a rush. You’re always obliged to play the mandatory events. You have always a big challenge to defend points because it affects everything. You’re always constantly, week after week, being part of that dynamic of our sport. At times it seem a bit too much.”

2 comments for “Sidelights on the Australian Open

  1. Mudplugger
    January 19, 2018 at 11:56

    So precisely who is holding a gun to poor Novak’s head and forcing him to bank all that easy money?
    Your choice, Novak, you could always take a job in a call-centre instead if it’s so bad.

  2. Distant Relative
    January 19, 2018 at 12:10

    Snowflake-ism is spreading.

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