The Brady Bunch

Compared to the naivety of the late 50s and 60s, it doesn’t take much to get me suspicious today.

I watched a documentary about this show I never really liked [in Britain it was run at 5:15 p.m.] and it seemed girlie to me. The one they all raved about, the eldest kid in the “family”, Marcia – she didn’t do a lot for me at that time, way too “prissy missy” for mine.

And that’s all I really thought about it until the documentary on Youtube I’m not going to bother linking to. So, here I am watching this documentary and a female says how she was right into it and who was your favourite character and so sundry people are interviewed about that, then it has the producer and director and so it went.

One thing they started pushing in the documentary was that the father was gay and how it was so difficult for him to do the scenes with the mother – and they were quite intimate at times. She’s interviewed and speaks of his thumping heart and I’m wondering – what the hell did they cast him for then? A gay father seems ludicrous.

They even mention lack of chemistry but how “he loved the children instead” and I’m thinking – right, right. He was chums apparently with the producer who wanted him in the part.

But then I started remembering my Hollywood posts here and the criticism is of two types – one is how they wreck human beings who go anywhere near there [read Corey Feldman] and a post some time back was on Amanda Bynes the “singer” and her minder who keeps her hooked on substances and controls her. More than as a pimp – they all have them, Whitney Houston had one.

Then I saw a clip of The Mamas and Papas, drug dealers from Laurel Canyon, presented as squeaky clean family singers. His drug-addled daughter still maintains he had her at 10.

The other criticism of Hollywood is that the type of person behind it is the Ashkenazi type Jew like the Adornos, Marcuses, Benjamins, Weinsteins etc. who are truly sick people bent on some sort of revenge. And what better revenge on America than to put in a gay man as the wholesome family man?

That was nearly the end of this post. However, something struck me as a bit strange – “Marcia” [Maureen McCormick] is mentioned all the time in the documentary – how she grew up into a beautiful young woman, how she had a “romance” with the leading boy actor in the show and though the documentary was trying to find the dirt on the rest of them, including cutting to interviews with all the kids, there were two who are never interviewed – Marcia and the gay father.

Curious. I looked up the “father” and he died of AIDS [naturally] but still there was nothing but the squeaky clean about her. Hmmmmm.

Then I found it – grandparents and parents dying of syphilis, she grows up and has this affair in late teenage with the co-star, hits the drugs, straight to the hard stuff, said herself she was selling sex for drugs, tried to marry, had tantrums even in middle age, threatening to jump off balconies etc., career down the drain, no one would cast her.

Amanda Bynes again – broken human being, thanks again to the Adornos, Marcuses, Benjamins, Weinsteins etc., just like all similar starlets accelerated too early and brought into that cesspit.

Tragic. And still no one speaks the truth about her, no one faces up to it.

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  1. Robbo
    January 12, 2018 at 15:18

    askenazi, ive always wondered about the last four letters

    • January 12, 2018 at 17:03

      Yep – I think I misspell it with an ash – must be what I’m thinking of reducing them to.

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