The NHS again

When you look at the NHS, the things you see are:

1. Non-anglo foreigners cashing in on the NHS;
2. An ageing population anyway needing vastly more care overall;
3. Fatcats on obscene salaries for what – administering?

Then you go further into it, via this BBC piece and you find something else as well.

That article has a video interview with a girl under 30 who gave it away, one of the 10% who do and I noticed some things:

1. She has a nose bone and is overweight;
2. She is bleating about pressure;
3. She is a snowflake.

In short, she’s one of the new breed who don’t know hardship or pressure and have not grown up. She is of the SJW, me-me-me generation. Older time nurses put up with the same or worse and they just did it.

Obviously, the service needs nurses and they tend to start in their 20s, idealistic young ladies, but now a service which demands a lot meets snowflakery central and the result is not good.

Add to this the sort of patients I’ve seen – drunks, unreasonable people shouting at the girls, other people I don’t have much compassion for – and I start not to blame these girls, still about 10%, who leave early, whilst fatcats continue to enjoy their Dom Perignon and work low numbers of hours.

I don’t mind a surgeon or other doctor having a reasonable life, even a salary around £200K, but an administrator? They need to cut the numbers in half and cap their salaries at £60K.

Come to think of it, senior civil servants in any department should be capped at below Prime Ministerial level.

A tale from A&E

During my 10 hours in A&E with my heart attack, on a trolley waiting for a bed, there were two nurses in particular who were most impressive. They were there for the bulk of that time and they never stopped. Plenty of others stopped, e.g. the ones who went over and sat at computers the whole time but these girls never stopped working, going here and there, doing this, doing that. And they were Millennial.

One was Spanish and the other English and they were shocked I actually asked them over and complimented them on their dedication. Admittedly I was well attended after that but they would have done that anyway – they were our old concept of what a nurse is.

Those gals should have been on £25K minimum, tax free and no grumbling from any of us. Pay them out of the fatcats’ salaries.

4 comments for “The NHS again

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    January 18, 2018 at 07:04

    You found a real, actual NURSE on your ward?!?!? Dear God, I should start playing the lottery if I were you ,JH, God obviously looooves you! Everytime I have had the misfortune to be in a hospital these last few years , it has been nigh on impossible to find a genuine nurse. Plenty of *snork* ‘carers’ no nurses. And the few times I did see a real nurse they were sitting behind a desk directing the ‘nursing assistants’ – as their PROFESSIONAL WITH A DEGREE status dictates.
    Only people rarer than nurses on the wards are cleaners.

  2. opsimath
    January 18, 2018 at 11:20

    I have come across some quite excellent nurses and, sadly, others who really shouldn’t be in the profession.

    I suppose it’s like plumbers, electricians and mechanics — they are a mixed bag and you’re lucky to get a good one. Even luckier to get two.

    • The Blocked Dwarf
      January 18, 2018 at 15:37

      “others who really shouldn’t be in the profession.”

      I think it is the ‘profession’ bit that is partly to blame. Nursing was until very recently a *calling* not a profession. No one became a nurse ever for the pay, benefits or social status. I know, I did 6 months as a volunteer nurse, that was enough for me to be absolutely sure I wasn’t called to it (and was good enough at it that they offered me a ‘free ride’ through nursing college…German nursing college.)

      In many ways being a nurse was similar to being in the army (I’m told), no one was interested in ,nor expected you to have, an ‘opinion’, you got on with the job…a ‘grunt’. No one on the ‘front line’ of either job was interested whether or not you had A levels or a degree. Only qualifications a nurse needs is to CARE ,not to care about being up to her elbows in shit and puke and to follow instructions.

      Personally I’d make ward cleaning the sole responsibility of nurses.

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