1. We might live in a sewer … but it’s our sewer! [Except in London, Bradford and Leicester of course]:

Welcome to Britain, Meghan! Harry’s fiancee gets a REAL taste of UK life as her train is delayed on her first trip to Wales¬†– thanks to a points failure at Didcot¬†

2. To be expected:

Russia ‘Collusion’ Took Up One-Fifth of Media’s 90 Percent Negative Trump Coverage in 2017

3. Kodak Super 8 is back:

4. Me Too jumps the shark:

5. Rosa Parks – black icon, feminist, whatever – she dies, they need to save her house. How to do that? Send it to Yurrup of course, away from vandalising blacks. But joke’s on them coz this is jihadi corner here.

6. Lastly, why do they even bother?

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

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