Thursday or is it Sunday?

Fell asleep, dinn I and failed to do an 18:00 post. Let’s cobble something together here – my first blogpost ever when I was half asleep – think this his is is called obsessive, innit?

12.  Difficulty level 9:

8. I never knew that – shall have to start using the term:

In the computer industry, “master” and “slave” are used to refer to primary and secondary hard disk drives. The terms are also used in other industries.

“Based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County, this is not an acceptable identification label,” Joe Sandoval, division manager of purchasing and contract services, said in a memo sent to County vendors.

4. Sounds bollox to me in the leftist rag Popular Mechanics:

The Hypatia stone is only a few centimeters across, broken into pebble fragments, but it may very well be the most interesting rock in the world.

Named for Hypatia of Alexandria, the first prominent Western woman astronomer and mathematician, the colorful rock was found in 1996 in western Egypt by Aly Barakat, a geologist working for the Egyptian Geological Survey. Barakat was studying Libyan desert glass, which appears to be similar to sea glass from the ocean, except geologists believe it might have formed roughly 28 million years ago in a meteorite impact.

1.  Anyone know this Tim Newman character?  He should be prosecuted for telling the truth:

Tim Newman on the same:

Trump’s comments are pretty innocuous to anyone who is not a deranged anti-Trumper or a fully paid-up member of the media or political establishments. He’s asked the question millions of people across America and Europe have been asking for years, waiting in vain for their leaders to do so. And now he has, and the reason his opponents have gone apoplectic is because they know how much this will resonate with ordinary people they wish didn’t exist. That, and they wish to virtue-signal in order to keep their places in what they think is polite society.

5.  Can’t imagine anything more boring:

Sure, you could have Alexa or Google Assistant tell you there’s a Starbucks 1.5 miles away from you. But wouldn’t it be nice to actually see where it is on a map? Or if you wanted to know the time, you could just, you know, look at the screen. Or if you wanted to know who the artist of the song is but couldn’t be bothered to interrupt the track, you could do the same. That extra visual layer is really useful, especially for quick, glanceable information.

6.  Offensive:

[H/T Chuckles and haiku]

5 comments for “Thursday or is it Sunday?

  1. dearieme
    January 13, 2018 at 20:26

    Hypatia was a pagan. She was torn to pieces by a Christian mob. But you knew that already.

  2. January 14, 2018 at 05:11

    There are only a few fragments of the Hypatia stone and each is worth more than the more common Moon rock or even Mars rock. However Aly Barakat’s cousin Ahmed, who runs a stall on the Cairo Road, can sell you a bit for $99.99 + P & H

    • Chuckles
      January 14, 2018 at 12:40

      Of the 215 paintings completed by Henry Matisse, 2500 are in the USA.

      • January 14, 2018 at 12:48

        I’ve done an original Matisse just now too.

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