Tonya Harding – case study in deep denial

Distant Relative’s youtube from yesterday:

There are those who constantly lie professionally, to an agenda – you could include any pollie, e.g. May … and then there are those who don’t so much have an agenda but are deep in denial to themselves.

Watching this youtube about athletes who killed their careers:

… what was noticeable about the men was that they eventually said it was a fair cop, e.g. Armstrong on Oprah, e.g. the football and basketball players.

However, the two women in it were unrepentant and in Harding’s case, in deep, deep denial. The trouble is that there is so much ‘Tonya said this’ on the net and her bleat is always ‘why am I always the bad person’ and ”I’ve never had a fair go, being from the wrong side of the tracks’.

That last one was like the justification of Bonny and Clyde – fine to murder people because you had a bad childhood.

There was a young woman I’m not allowed to mention any more here who gave herself away in court when asked about what happened and her words were, “My best truth is …”  Just think about that. “My” and “best” truth.

Spiritually true in a way?  We’re talking serial lying and self-delusion here, not “best truth”.

It ranges from the very serious, e.g. cry rape cases, down to the mildly amusing inability of so many women to ever admit they’re wrong.  And stepping back from gender and viewing them as human beings unlike on that ridiculous march yesterday, then a “person” who does that really should not be employed in any capacity demanding personal responsibility and integrity, be it man or woman.

The core ideas behind Christianity are:

1. Regret
2. Repent
3. Redeem
4. Repair

That can never come about if a person is perma-stuck in deep denial.

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