Which small change?

From an 1889 newspaper – credit will be given after the quiz, as it gives the answer:

To those who love mathematics, here is a simple problem for you to figure out: A man purchased groceries to the amount of 34 cents. When he came to pay for the goods he found that he had only a $1 bill, a 3-cent piece and a 2-cent piece. The grocer, on his side, had only a 50-cent piece and a quarter. They appealed to a bystander for change, but he, although willing to oblige them, had only two dimes, a 5-cent piece, a 2-cent piece and a 1-cent piece. After some perplexity, however, change was made to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. What was the simplest way of accomplishing this?

($1 is worth 100 cents, a quarter 25 cents, and a dime 10 cents.)

2 comments for “Which small change?

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    January 15, 2018 at 19:38

    No idea if it’s the simplest: buyer gives dollar and 2Cents to Grocer, 3cents to passing gent. Passerby gives 2x dimes + 1Cent to buyer, 2Cents & 5 Cents to grocer. Grocer gives half a dollar to customer and a quarter to passerby.

    But I do still count on my fingers so….

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