A true fool

The heading does not apply to the lady to the left but to the one further down – you’ll get the idea.

The word “handsome”, when applied to a woman has special connotations to me.

It doesn’t just mean she’s pretty or beautiful externally, even if she is, but it has overtones of “fineness”, “integrity”, “classiness”.  her head is screwed on right and she has a brain which she uses.

And so it is with this Hanna.

But the idiot she’s addressing below is something else again:

In Christianity, calling someone a fool is apparently a quite significant no-no, so maybe I should not use the word in the heading. We’ll see. But the uncanny thing is how these people who make such statements as this Joy Whoever accuse people of precisely what is wrong with them themselves, in this case, mental illness.

It’s very common in Remaniacs like Soubry, it’s present in Pocahontas and Clinton, it’s in that Kathy creature with the Trump effigy head, it’s in the pink pussy necks in the demonstrations, Pelosi is seriously off her brain.

The test of course is the manner in which they generally conduct themselves.  I mean, a sperm painter of Obama? That’s as sick as LBGheebeegeebees exposing themselves to schoolkids – no I’m not going to post a pic.

With the Donald, the N1 criticism is his womanizing and I do understand the issue quite well, but other than that, he’s quite sane and quite clever – he’s been making great strides already against a cabal of Obama/FBI/Soros etc.

2 comments for “A true fool

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    February 17, 2018 at 15:01

    I was watching Beowulf & Grendel (2005) last night as part of my study of Old English (well that’s my excuse, actually I had a migraine and just couldn’t face working on my pronunciation of ‘naéfre hé on aldordagum aér ne siþðan
    heardran haéle healðegnas fand’…which is a bit of a tongue twister).

    It’s portrayal of celtic Xianity meets paganism in the North Lands was fascinating and probably closer to reality than most Xians might want to be true.

    Anyways there was one bit of dialogue that trumps the old chestnutty ‘when God answers it is madness’ line (and I’m a believer):

    Thorkel: “The Celt says that Jesus Christ never sleeps, that he walks amongst us.”

    Beowulf: “Oh, that’s all we need, a god gone mad from lack of sleep.”

    • February 17, 2018 at 16:13

      I’d say He doesn’t get all that much shut-eye these days.

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