Being duped

It’s been mentioned here before that certain formats and presentations in blogging are deeply suspicious. Just like the threat of violence to Andrea Leadsom, one wonders who sent it – and she’s supposedly on “our” side.

Also suspicious is a slick web page, single column, rabbiting on for twenty pages, no navigation, no “About” section – this is why I didn’t bother with one which Julia brought up the other day. If people will not provide a clear backstory or history, then I’m not reading it.

I read a bit about this Afghan thing and then didn’t bother for the simple reason that there is no navigation, even though this was an interesting statement:

Let’s be clear, for Afghans, duping well-meaning but ignorant foreigners into funding their wars is the national pastime. The artistry and skill of separating foreigners from their money has been passed down from fathers to sons among regional tribal elders and modern-day politicians for millennia. Simply stated, this is what they do.

Sorry, I need to know who you are. I don’t need your name and address but I do need to know where you are in the political firmament. As for me, I can be summed up as one of the basket of Deplorables but one who keeps his own counsel.  The navigation is quite clear on this page and the information accessible.

[And no, I’m providing no url hyperlink for the Afghan one, couldn’t be bothered.]

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