Girls shockingly advised today

There is a vast increase in injuries in the men’s football comps over former years and that is because the demands on men’s bodies have stayed high level but the men’s bodies are now pampered and unable to cope, especially with ACL injuries.

Men who used to work in physical jobs, walk to work etc. are, by definition, going to be tougher than the sedentary cellphone talker.  Massively multiply that for girls who do no housework, nothing useful and physical today.

The softening up of men today [see the wimp Ed Sheeran as an example], their pussifying, is paralleled with stupid or evil women like this Claire Sutherland, given an opinion piece column in a national newspaper and therefore influencing opinion to get girls to play men’s games and fail at them.

This is the image presented of women’s football – what girl does not want to sprint onto the field to everyone’s adulation?

But they’ve had to give tickets away because it’s such a rubbish game.  Hugely disappointing was the PC CEO of Geelong FC [a virtue signalling male] who made an insane statement that he hoped to see the women’s game “integrated” with the men’s in the near future.

Those girls would last one tackle in the men’s game so what’s this blithering “integrated” c***?  Why am I angry?  This is why:

I mean, I’m sitting here, hands outstretched in front of me in a “why” gesture, shaking the head.  Which adults are so PC driven that they would deliberately threaten the wellbeing of girls [apart from Muslims of course]?

I made the statement in the Suffragette post that men of our era are far more likely to be looking after the real best interests of girls than these clowns like that Claire person who is so ideologically lost that she would condemn girls to years of pain after their short playing careers.

Hell, even netball is fraught.  What sort of game makes a girl plant her foot in one place on the court and then twist around, unable to move that foot?  It’s insane.

I also made the statement that women should not be in the front line of battle for that and other reasons.  They should not play association football, they certainly shouldn’t be playing rugby of any form – even lacrosse is near the upper bodily limit for a girl.  Cricket’s not bad.

Now look at this at the BBC this morning:

Not asking boys – targetting girls.

Let’s face it – women and girls are being shockingly and irresponsibly advised today in so many ways and the advice they should be following, as in this post, will be roundly ignored.

So let’s compare the girls’ and men’s games:

2 comments for “Girls shockingly advised today

  1. February 13, 2018 at 12:51

    Watching TV footie these days there seems to be a great deal more dangerous professional fouling than in the past as distinct from a robust physical game. As for the women if they want to play OK but TV should not be obliged to screen it if the audience is not there.

  2. February 14, 2018 at 11:57

    “professional fouling than in the past as distinct from a robust physical game”

    Very much so.

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