Render unto Caesar [and Caesar’s wife]

The beautiful thing about that picture is that it is a woman actually remembering her menfolk – that scores huge brownie points with men [cub points?]. And the effect on the man is that he will get off his backside, stir himself and go overboard for her on Mar 8th.

On the other hand, women who don’t give a damn for men can go and get knotted on March 8th as far as I’m concerned. My memories of Russian women are that they really enjoy the male close to them, they do like manmeat and even laugh at our stupid jokes.

On this double day [also a birthday], I would like to reiterate, vigorously underscore if you like, old adages like “horses for courses” and an earlier comment of mine that:

There are so many skill sets the female simply can’t be rivalled on. It’s just that these ain’t them.

There are some truly stupid fields of human argument, wasted, forlorn – one is whether there is a God or not [we’ll find out soon enough] and another is that men and women are equal.

No they bleedin’ well are NOT.

Females eclipse males in so many subtle ways – a female treated right brings order and warmth to a home, she runs things efficiently, she’s sharp, with an eye for detail and she sticks to her trusted methods, her sense of style is vastly better than so many males and in his turn – there are things the clever woman just lets the man get on with and assuages his ego along the way [quietly we say to each other she doesn’t interfere].

It is so damned easy for a female to get me to do something if she values me [I stonewall her and am caustic if she doesn’t], I’m highly susceptible to a good woman, and I simply cannot be doing with hate politics between the sexes and evil muvvers above constantly prising open natural fissure lines.

Which sounds good coming from me after all my posts [and including the section below here today].  I repeat that there is a complete difference between calling out a certain type of woman on her feminazi stupidity and whether one loves Woman as a species or not.

My long book has a theme running the whole way through [only openly mentioned once though in Chapter 1-23] that there is no combination more lethal than a man and woman working in symbiosis – where their arguments go something like – she arguing that he is just a nicer person, he arguing that she is just perfect, so skilled in so many ways, beautiful to boot.

They’re the sorts of arguments a man and woman should have.  Here’s me saying women should not be in the front line of combat and I stick by that – women en masse that is, under a PC idiot “leadership” – but man/woman military [maybe sniper] pairs – ah, that cannot be beaten and both bring different perspectives.

Both have skills sets of their own and both together later can relax in a way no one else can.

I’m not talking out of my backside here, it’s not fantasy, I know from practical experience how a man and woman can work together if she feels she’s respected and revered and he feels she gives him his due.  It’s just so simple to do but how many have forgotten to do this today?

If my book is ever read by anyone and favourably reviewed, it will be because of that theme I believe – showing ways men and women can work as a paired unit.

On the other hand, a tawdry example of dysfunctional, misfiring women who concern themselves with all matters except what women should concern themselves with was sent by Chuckles here:

“Twin sisters and celebrated Kiwi comedians / original singer-songwriters, Lynda and Jools Topp (the Topp Twins) take us on a culinary journey around New Zealand meeting passionate food producers, home cooks and lovers of life.”

Just for background info you understand –

Stupid bitches, enemy of humanity.

I’m going to run this tweet exchange from the other day to finish this post and will note in passing that a few people retweeted and liked the exchange, because frankly, it was lovely:

There was further exchange but that’s a bit embarrassing in public. That’s the message I leave behind [don’t worry, not planning to shuffle off yet].

You have a nice one today.


My first card was from a lady I adore and my second was from a chap I was castigating on this very blog a day or two ago.  At the moment of writing this, I got this back from one of my Russian friends:

Thank you.  Unfortunately, Nowadays most people in Rusland even does not think about what they celebrate and why…

Not just in Rusland, druk moi – all over the world.

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2 comments for “Render unto Caesar [and Caesar’s wife]

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    February 23, 2018 at 14:49

    Excuse my ignorance of Russia, but wasn’t it always ‘the Motherland’ (‘rodina mat’ if I recall the Johnny Red comic strips of my youth correctly) ? Surely women honouring their menfolk for protecting the ‘motherland’ would be a greater antidote to ‘Women’s Day’ ?

  2. Ubermouth
    February 24, 2018 at 05:49

    Happy birthday James!(and many more)

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