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Often, how a movie is reviewed says more about the reviewers than the movie itself. For example, the usual suspects are raving about Chocolate Charlie and the Wakanda Factory for all the obvious reasons.

Rotten Tomatoes is literally enforcing a zero tolerance rule for reviews. Love it or else.

You can be sure every reviewer will praise the movie as the next Star Wars, for fear of reprisal. Everything around the movie appears to be designed to confirm everything said about the modern age by the Dissident Right.

And there it is – just like a university degree today and any polls out there, film reviews are fit for loo roll unless you already know the bias and that bias is acknowledged.

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  1. February 18, 2018 at 15:29

    One can talk of the decline of movies and the dumbing down, particularly American movies – we might talk of other regions’ efforts another time perhaps – but what has it replaced? The well-galloped western movies of the past (updated with Star wars and such) were such a dismal depiction of America.

    A heroic, courageous, masculine main character confronting ‘baddies’. These baddies were so often ‘Bosses’ of mining or railroads or ranches, exploitive and criminal capitalists to a man, and they had small armies of the most low IQ people, inept and malicious men you had to imagine. Dozens died. The townsfolk. led by a corrupt Mayor, were almost universally cowards who hid or ‘counselled’ surrender. For every Good chap there were at least 20 bad men and 50 cowards. Occasionally there was a lad for the hero to teach a life lesson. Occasionally there was a ne’er do well to redeem. Occasionally there was a ‘nice’ lady whose only likely female company were those in the local whorehouse which every tiny town main street had at least one, usually with a piano player and a saloon. Whores had good hearts, despite their choice of career. Many were underage.

    What did all that say about Americans? What did it tell the world? OK, there was the aspiration to be wholesome and heroic: but in America where such qualities seemed almost alien?

    The movies did not have far to fall, frankly.

    I wonder what this ‘review’ will tell about me 🙂

    • February 18, 2018 at 23:31

      The movies did not have far to fall, frankly.

      Hollywood was dominated by liberals right from the start. You can go back to 1930s movies and you still get liberal propaganda. Hollywood was always about the propaganda.

      The only differences are that in modern Hollywood movies the propaganda is even cruder and there’s more filth. And the filth is no accident, it’s all part of the plan to demoralise us.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf
    February 18, 2018 at 15:36

    If you like Blade Runner 2.0 and the whole cyberpunk ‘thing’ then check out ‘Altered Carbon’. Best bit of Cyberpunk IMHO since ‘Nirvana’.

  3. February 19, 2018 at 02:34

    We’ve already disposed of the BR2 in a previous post. Now for that liberal bias – yes, it’s looking back at old movies again that it becomes so obvious.

    I saw this not so long ago in a Perry Mason episode – it was the time of wall to wall feminazism and so only Della could catch good fish, the men were hopeless klutzes, despite them doing all the detective work and getting their crim.

    Altered Carbon review at random:

    1. All of the characters are painful clichés and lazy stereotypes.

    2. The acting is mediocre at best and too often cringeworthy.

    3. It fails as science fiction.

    4. The writing is corny and the whole thing starts feeling kinda cheap after a while.

    Yep, can’t make anything decent as a filmplay these days. But worst are today’s audiences so dumbed down they can’t discern quality from trash any more.

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