Trad jazz – second tier bands

Lots of bands didn’t achieve the fame and success of Ball, Barber and Bilk. Here are some: I’m leaving out my favourites, the Alex Welsh Band, because we had a decent sample of their output on Hogmanay. Bob Wallis & His Storyville Jazz Band dressed as river boat gamblers and recorded some good tracks. Of my three favourites here’s the one I found on youtube: Nature Boy.

Terry Lightfoot was the clarinetist brother of Kenny Ball’s bandits Paddy. Here his New Orleans Jazzmen give us Mahogany Hall Stomp.

Freddy Randall And His Band were around in the early trad period. Here’s their 1952 Dark Night Blues with the eponymous Fred on trumpet.

We heard an Archie Sample track on Hogmanay: here’s another with the Scots clarinetist.

Some of the bands were largely regional performers, popping up on national telly from time to time. Here’s a decent outfit, the Clyde Valley Stompers. Fiona Duncan & Ian Menzies (trombone) lead us through Salty Dog.

Last but one, sacrilege: The Temperance Seven. They were a micky-taking outfit who had a couple of happy, sentimental parody hits. This film seems to me to epitomise why trad succeeded. It starts with a reasonable representation of the awfulness of the pop music of those days. Then their version of the evergreen Everybody Loves My Baby is actually jiveable without being moronic rock and roll, with its three-chord guitarists, overwrought singer, and one-note tenor sax.

We leave with a foot-tapper from Terry Lightfoot: Good Time Swing. That’s the spirit! Get capering!

4 comments for “Trad jazz – second tier bands

  1. February 18, 2018 at 18:44

    My vote is for Fiona Duncan and Ian Menzies, though the last TL was good.

  2. February 19, 2018 at 16:34

    I’ll vote for Bob Wallis and Archie Semple.

  3. dearieme
    February 19, 2018 at 22:40

    I’m with AK.

  4. February 20, 2018 at 03:32


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