Italy hangs itself

Two nights ago I had a look at the Italian election and what the notoriously wrong pollsters were saying, and what Italians were saying as far as we can gather over here.

From that, the only conclusion could be that Berlusconi [Illuminati elite mafiosi pretend centre-right] would wreck the election with a marginal majority vote, the combined genuine right [Five Star] would do second best and Renzi would be nowhere.

Berlusconi was clearly the one to watch with his past machinations, especially in the Amanda Knox matter and any entry of him to the theatre would have that wrecking effect. The elite saw the writing on the wall some time back and knew he, not Renzi, was the only hope for it, so they had him promise to deport 500,000 illegals and fools actually believed him.

Naturally he has no intention of doing that at all. The people truly are so easily manipulated. What’s the truth of this election which did not cost the EU Italy in the end, not formally, as Berlusconi will head a coalition?

Just like their woman May, and formerly Blair, Major and Heath, they still head up national governments inside the EU. The EU truly is a communist cancer.

How could we have expected anything different to this result? The infuriating thing is that what got Berlusconi over the line was that cynical illegals promise and looking the “most stable” of them in Italians’ eyes.

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