The male

This is dedicated to Toodles who wrote about me doing it.  I’m a sucker for the Toodleses of the world, also for the Ubermouths because I choose to believe they care for me.

Humans are very simple creatures – if they feel you like them, they like you back. Men in particular are simpler than humans as a whole.

When it goes wrong

Whether allegory or fact, the Sodom and Gomorrah story was not just about homosexuality, it was about when the societal strictures and structures have so broken down that the likely types come after victims with their perversions, without fear of prosecution.

The first victims are always the girls, then the boys, the perpetrators are firstly men of an age but are also abetted by women.

Child abuse in high places

My earliest posts at the original site and from time to time thereafter go into the Franklin and McMartin cases in the States, they mention planes at Omaha airforce base and sales of children – blue eyed girls got the highest price.

What turned most readers off was that the writers were heavily into the satanic side, the high masons and illuminati and it may well have been those but in more day to day terms, we have today’s Rotherham and now Telford, Newcastle and so on, the care homes, Dolphin Square and I’m going to mention Svali in 2000 who first broke this on the net.

She was asked by Centrex news, Canada [a hotbed of this sort of thing by the way – see Ewen Cameron and Toronto], why no one reacts.  At that time, it was because almost no one knew.

Now that they know, you see the reaction itself – May goes off to Salisbury and bumps fists and talks Russia, Lucas says she has higher priorities, the police say it was all consensual.

An 11 year old was “consensual”? !

You think America is exempt?  Look up Alisha Owens and Paul Bonacci.  Wide -eyed innocents?  Hardly but who was to blame?  Working class kids drawn into the paedo rings and of course, the evil muvvers at their trumped up trials to silence them, same at the ridiculous False Memory Syndrome ploy by the guilty [posts passim which pointed out that each of those perpetrators, posing as concerned citizens, had grubby ends] – they played on the Colonel Harrumphs who mutter to themselves, ‘Nope. don’t do conspiracy theories,’ as a blanket rule.

The Harrumphs start, ‘My experience is -‘ and I stop them.  ‘You don’t have any effing experience whatever in this area, you have not investigated it except in the official media, you have not confronted the unpleasantness.’

Toodles mentions the gross behaviour yesterday that the girl Lana [Red Ice] pointed out – that is the tip of the iceberg.  Explore Washington parties, Bob Hope’s USO and what they were couriers for.  To be specific, check the alternative sources for Joey Heatherington.  You want a mind-controlled nubile for Bob Hope?  She’s your gal – what a mess.  Check out Kristofferson, Hollywood and the music industry, also the mind-controlled.

For the modern day, check out Amanda Bynes’s history – the alternative sites again please. Check out the real story of Victoria’s Secret Angels.  Sick.  Dark.

Before anyone goes any further – you really should dismiss anything at the top of google rankings, Wikipedia etc.  – that’s the lazy person’s way, the deep captcha way. You have to get into alternative sites [those which still exist and haven’t been snuffed out like the Belgian children].

Those sorts of things are at a mindbogglingly global level, with everyone from the top of society to the so-called dregs [I believe ‘dreggability’ is the other way about] are involved.  Check out US rendition flights. This trafficking is not just rife, it is ubiquitous.

And it’s in the context of that background that I address the issue of the day:

The male and his lust

The male is a simple creature, as has been said, and the female discovered early that he could be easily manipulated using her face and body – the male is really so easy, it’s ridiculous.  The more worldly will need a bit more – the eyes, the lips, the soft words in the ear, terms of endearment.

The male is essentially shallow – even the thinkers and writers in the Elysian fields are susceptible.

Even Johnson was not immune:

“I’ll come no more behind your scenes, David; for the silk stockings and white bosoms of your actresses excite my amorous propensities.”

I’ve mentioned before Somerset Maugham’s Rain.

It’s the nature of the beast.  Speaking personally, I have to be sure, if I’m thinking of pursuing, that it is in the “fair game” category, rather than offlimits [see yesterday’s post on the dental nurse] and how many men have not been so particular?

If I wrote of, and Brittany and Lauren mentioned, the natural tendency of the female to be dragged into whoring, then the other half of it, with the male, also holds true. It’s a madness which grips, which is why wives should keep their hubbies happy and hubbies should do likewise with their wives but even that is no guarantee.

When society breaks down in other ways, this going public with sex is the thin edge, it’s one of the human areas to break down – it starts with “stars” talking dirty on TV chat shows – so avant garde, eh?

And it starts late time slot and moves downwards into prime time over the years – the producers always seeing how far they dare go.

Which has the effect of deliberately white-anting public morality. And the only people opposing the trend are frigid Mary Whitehouses – or so they’re presented on TV.

As one former blogger who still sometimes comments here knows fullwell, I’m not immune from female assets in any way and I refuse to be a hypocrite and play the saint.  Of course I’ve looked at porn – a male who tells you otherwise is lying or is a saint.  I can reject it in principle but sometimes curiosity …

The male fantasy

It’s always been the male fantasy for masses of naked nubiles to be walking about saying yes to them but the realities of what these creatures become don’t seep into the male brain.  Now we’re seeing those realities in different ways and Brittany and Lauren brought those to the public the other day. Plus that other girl Lana [Red ice] yesterday.

There really is a new generation of lost girls who know no God, no societal rules, with bad parenting, bad teachers aiding and abetting it – Brittany and Lauren have gone into all that. The new horror girls are nothing like the girls of fantasies and worse, they have their own feminazised wilfulness with this trading up business, before even getting onto the diseases and slops.

Some commenters have asked, concerning the Telford and Rotherham girls – where were the parents?

For a start, parents don’t have control what the kids do any more, family structures have broken down, parents [such as there still are in the home, usually not the father] are lied to, they’re idiots, they have no idea, they’re off having their own fun [see the McCanns], they see themselves as the new tolerant parents, trendy, eh?

In our childhood, what kids did was something naughty like smoking but today it means one thing only for the female because of this criminal world culture turning girls into penetrable meat.  And if that’s the girl, then what of the boys?

And as in the murder of Alice Gross not so long ago, the girl is sexualized early and gets away from the parent to meet the paedo. Often there’s no father as he’s left or been kicked out by the mother.  I made a comment in a post that Alice Gross was more alluring to a paedo than her straighter sister and I was lambasted for it.  She had become a player through the net, her sister had not.  End of.

When sexuality goes truly public, not just trash talk at dinner parties, then a Sodom and Gomorrah results and there are no limits – Telford was just swingers parties for men and children. Sexuality takes over everything – look at porn today compared to previously. It was always about but not on tap like this. It fills minds.  Everyone, at all levels, has his dip or hers.

In the Belgium post, whole towns were into raping the young.  Most people either have not the slightest idea or else turn away.

Pizzagate [1]

And the male, always ready and willing, is today unemployed because of the changed workplace based on service industries, feckless, no longer at home or else he’s the invader – the Muslim.

Females are living under this delusion that they’ve become empowered, in fact the opposite is the case – they’re in La La Land.

Will women ever, ever learn?


Respect is earned, not legislated for

This is fine to expect:

… but like Russian wimmin, do you actually do anything to keep that man there?

LOL. The ladies reading this are really going to love that one.

Now let’s get this straight again – the reference here is to those girls Brittany and Lauren referred to, not to fine women we know and love. The females reading this really must understand that – I ain’t talkin’ about you, sister, I’m talking about the new feckless generation and the poison they’ve had laid on them then seeping upwards, like damp in a wall, to reach older generations too [see cougars, cradle snatchers].


Not only is there no reason for the male to respect the new female – no code of chivalry, porn ripping away any possible mystery but that female’s own revoltingness today as a person simply means the new male sees her as just a piece of meat.

Women do invite rape … but for a different reason this time

I wrote in a post years ago that not just the modern female but ALL females are going to be in real danger from the modern male, the incidence of rape and murder are simply escalating beyond reason.  obviously can’t find it now I look but this is similar:

‘Modern’ women have had this coming for some time

Some days back, there was a clip on Twitter of a basketball star in a stairwell, his gf said something, he turned and started bashing her. And I mean laying into her as he would another male.

Males of little control were always going to be first to do this. You see them mostly around clubs and inner city areas. But even those of us of the old type, totally unimpressed by the stupid new woman, are saying she can go to hell, she’s brought it upon herself.

So many male colleagues of mine, men who used to be and still subscribe in principle to chivalry, are disgusted by and have zero respect for the modern woman.

I say to wimmin – don’t go with bad boys.  simple, eh?

The feminazi points to this as final proof of how much the male [plural, meaning all of us] hates the female deep down.

Bollox! He [plural, meaning all of us] does not hate women per se.  That sort of bitter hate is a female concept, not a male.

The male’s reaction has always been loss of respect for her and too many males have taken that as carte blanche to disrespect her, often physically..

This female hatred of the male came through in the film The Wars of the Roses.  In the end, it was she who resented him so badly that she took that final action.  That is genuine hatred.

Men use violence when they’re either that type of low control  mongrel – you see them in pubs when their low self control comes out with the alcohol – or else they’re normal and the female carping causes them to snap, they then lash out.

Neither is good.

Time to stop, hammer time, and say to the ladies reading this – if you think that explaining something is the same as condoning it – well it’s not.  I want those men who do these things charged, incarcerated, even executed.

Explaining something does not condone or allow it – it just shows what must be addressed.

The alpha male can be handled by a woman who shows respect and loves the male as a species.  Anyone who feels he or she is not liked as a person is going to react badly – it cuts both ways.  Even with children.

No man I know would threaten the life he’d made with a gem of a woman, with a ruby, he’ll knuckle down and do her right, especially as he gets on a bit in years.

But when she gets like Aretha Franklin above, demanding it, then you see the result.  Anne Boleyn found out, to her horror, what happens when women go shrewish.  Shakespeare wrote something on it too.

The pussified male

This is the final stage of female hatred – to utterly destroy masculinity and get men controllable.  To start that on a baby is child abuse – dressing him in pink, telling him to decide on his gender and sexuality – these women are insane and any pussified males who go along with the idiots.

I believe that it will not succeed in the end – that enough men’s natural propensities will come through again and enough of the women’s natural decency will too – you can only make women hate men and men hate women for so long, then their own propensities take over again.

Well adjusted women of course, conservative women, do not emasculate boys

Similarly, good men do not give way to violence against the female, they just storm off when it becomes too much.

And in the middle of all this societal collapse, new males and females still somehow fall in love, but at this moment, today, they do carry society’s baggage with them.

The religious angle

For broken people, there has always been the efficacy of finding God, nothing else will do it.  It’s more difficult today with the closing of churches and non-Christians dominating the so-called visible church – the C of E is long lost to the faith.  Welby is a disgrace.  Ditto with the anti-Pope.


At a minimum, pundits need to start calling in unison for a return to chivalry.  New headmasters must choose staff who will teach such things.  These things then take on a life of their own.

Girls must be taught that, for their own safety and for the respect of men, they must learn to say No, even down to how they dress.

But most of all, there has to be the will across society, with powerful forces trying to suppress that will. There’s an agenda, is there not?

Men are simple and at their worst, they are like William S Burroughs’ Wild Boys.  Gangs of men are not pleasant – they rape, commit violence, they are physically strong too, cranked up through their madness as well, so not even other men can stand up [see Tommy Robinson in prison].

And there is a gang gutlessness too – a major factor.

Some women think the violence is only visited upon them but it’s upon other men mainly – pub fights, brawls etc. [you may need to switch the sound off here]:

A man needs to let out that aggression [alpha males I mean] and I’m no different.  My way was once brawling, now it’s like that altercation with the taxi company but I’m still hellish feisty.  My gf’s mother said to her, after she asked whether to go ahead [she told me years later], “If you can handle him.”

Is the man writing this at you now in this flowery, educated way the same as one of those brawlers?  Hell yeah, loved it on the rugby field.

The male is the male and the only one who can harness him [see Coriolanus] is usually a good woman.  Wake up, girls!

Let’s just say you have managed to corner a good man and you’re a good woman. How can that man stop you from straying?

Simple – devote himself to you without becoming a doormat, devote himself from a position of strength, be your guardian and don’t you give him that c**p about being able to look after yourself.  If you don’t need that man, then he should get his coat, go off and find a woman who needs him.  I certainly would.

The surefire way to see me walk out of that door is to spout feminist rhetoric and/or list my faults and want to “talk them through”.  My reaction to that is to demand we start on all your faults first – or maybe just twenty or thirty to start with.

The surefire way to keep me your slave is to play on my self-esteem, which gets me playing on your self-esteem, dreaming up new ways to please you [and I have many ideas how to do that].

What’s your ultimate aim though? If it’s to keep me close and the family together, with all members playing their roles, if you are the [grand]matriarch in the middle coordinating it all, then any good man will knuckle down and do the right thing.

But show him he’s not a high priority, he’s just a cog in your machine – he will stray.

As for boys, at a minimum, those lefty female teachers must be drummed out, sacked and in many cases – charged.  Then some people can have influence on the kids.

Don’t let your kid go to uni for any reason today, choose a trade school instead – more money anyway.  Homeschool if you are able.

Are men beasts?

Yes, of course we are – arrogant alpha types are anyway.  In my mobile days, I used to sail this class of catamaran:

What became obvious very early was that if you did not tweak her right, pay great attention to systems and running gear, she would seize up and kick and buck like a bucking bronco, hurling you into the air [it happened to me once].

But to tame her was to trim her right, pay attention to her, speak to her, love her, place your feet in exactly the right place on the trapeze … and so on.  she appreciated experienced handling.

Exactly the same in reverse with a male handled by a female.  If she is sympathetic to the species called male, if she is prepared to do what is required, he is a purring kitten for her.

But revert to demands and shrill shrewishness, to feminazism, and you have a dangerous enemy.  Especially in gangs.  It’s exactly the same as any machine, any device.  Get a good one in the first place, be satisfied, put in the work and it will give you years of trouble free service.

Exhausted.  Need coffee.

A different angle

From Tucker at Fox – it just came into my Youtube homepage:

Over to you.

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  1. Toodles McGhee
    March 17, 2018 at 17:26

    Just noticed the post. Will come back to it. Cuddles and I are having a work party today. If we have an opportunity to accomplish something together…well, that’s a banter day.

    You should see my outfit. Snazzy duds for sure. River, spring has sprung, everything’s s mess, gotta ‘git er dun’ attire! Cuddles, looks hot too.

    I vill be bock!

  2. James Wilson
    March 18, 2018 at 06:21

    There was so much admonition against homos back in that day that I wonder if there was a lot more of it at that time. Today homos make as much racket as possible to leave the impression their numbers are much greater than they are.

    • March 18, 2018 at 08:27

      I understood the numbers to be around 6% but methinks the forcefed buggery in schools these days would have raised that number. Once their mafia can be stopped getting at young kids, there would be a chance for normality to reassert itself.

      But that ain’t gonna happen because of deep collusion on the agenda.

      • Chuckles
        March 18, 2018 at 10:35


        • Distant Relative
          March 18, 2018 at 11:07

          Chuckles is on the money.

          Apropos of nothing at all I found this interesting:

          “However, there are more transgender women (0.9%) than transgender men (0.4%). [1]”

          (means more men want to be emasculated)


          “38-65% of transgender individuals experience suicidal ideation. [4]”


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