1. You saw it here first:

2. Wonder if anyone can see the two things which are wrong here?


One day last year, John Evans (not his real name) received a message from his manager at Facebook telling him he was in line for a promotion. When they met the following day, she led him down a hallway praising his performance.

However, when she opened the door to a meeting room, he came face to face with members of Facebook’s secretive “rat-catching” team, led by the company’s head of investigations, Sonya Ahuja.

The interrogation was a technicality; they already knew he was guilty of leaking some innocuous information to the press. They had records of a screenshot he’d taken, links he had clicked or hovered over, and they strongly indicated they had accessed chats between him and the journalist, dating back to before he joined the company.

With the exception of James Damore’s explosive memo about gender and tech, most of it doesn’t leak.

3. Now please, I don’t want you getting the idea I’m trying to start a war between Croydon and Sutton:

4.  You’re going to need this:


5.  What could possibly go wrong?

Self-driving Uber car runs over and kills a pedestrian in Arizona in first fatality of its kind – forcing the company to pull its fleet of test vehicles from the streets 

6.  And lastly for now, I’m not going to add a word … not a word:

We’re posh, we’re pretty so why CAN’T we make a profit? They’re the society businesswomen who trade on their looks and wealthy backers for pet schemes – but what a bore so many seem to go wrong! 

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  1. dearieme
    March 20, 2018 at 14:54

    I’m puzzled about #2. If you go to work for what is, fairly obviously, a conspiracy, then shouldn’t you expect retribution if you break its code of Omertà? In fact, haven’t you probably signed a form to that effect?

    He should count himself lucky that they didn’t call in the FBI to bump him off.

    Still, it’s always fun to see the USSR-loving Guardian speaking up for the sort of behaviour it wouldn’t tolerate from its own employees.

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