Wyld’s Great Globe

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The famous British cartographer and former Member of Parliament, James Wyld, had a brilliant plan to promote his mapmaking business. The Great Exhibition was slated for 1851, at Hyde Park in London, and would be visited by prominent industrialists, scientist, and artists from around the world, as well as members of the Royal family.

Wyld figured if he could create a huge model of the earth with an accurate depiction of earth’s geography, for the exhibition, it could further his chances of scoring new business deals and increasing sales.

Wyld approached the organizing committee of the Great Exhibition with the idea, but was disappointed to learn that the pavilion being erected for the Great Exhibition—the Crystal Palace—was too small to house his proposed 60-feet-tall globe.

Besides,the organisers weren’t too fond of Wyld trying to use the Exhibition as a mean to promote his business, and his proposal was rejected. Undaunted, Wyld began to search for an alternate location and found Leicester Square a suitable site for his project.

After a rather complicated series of negotiations with the owners of the gardens, permission was granted to build the globe there and keep it for 10 years.

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  2. March 7, 2018 at 01:28

    The tour guide explained that because of the acoustics in the sphere, one could stand at the far end and clearly hear the conversations of people at the opposite end.
    So of course I had to be a wiseass and start making cricket sounds, confusing the tour group at the other end.

    • March 7, 2018 at 06:42

      One would expect no less. Applied immaturity is a necessary thing.

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