Christians in Islamic lands

Not sure that the last sentence here is actually the solution:

Tragically, Christians living in lands formerly under the control of the “Caliphate” have been betrayed by many in the West. Governments ignored their tragic fate. Bishops were often too aloof to denounce their persecution.

The media acted as if they considered these Christians to be agents of colonialism who deserved to be purged from the Middle East. And the so-called “human rights” organizations abandoned them.

The West was not willing to give sanctuary to these Christians when ISIS murdered 1,131 of them and destroyed or damaged 125 of their churches.

We must now help Christians rebuild in the lands where their people were martyred.

Two things are happening here – firstly it is simply not safe in Islamic lands and secondly, Them, who are the enemy of both Islam and us, are the third player – Christians don’t have a chance. It’s one thing being brave for the Lord and all that but this is lambs to the slaughter, it’s asking for it.

Nor is sheltering in Israel going to help because Nethanyahu and the upper echelons are Them anyway – he hasn’t protected Bethlehem, except in a piecemeal way.