Do women really hate men that much?

The only reason I’m running this article is that it was sent by Rossa’s mother – we’ve been hearing the basic story for sometime now and it really does seem as if there’s a lot of genuine hatred being perpetrated by women, usually in the form of single mothers.

Partly we fail to recognize it because, collectively, we just don’t care that much about boys.

As one of the main offenders, I don’t know why I don’t post about boys – we’ve always just gone out and done what we have, I’ve no real feelings one way or the other about us.

But that attitude enables a critical error – the article spoke of boys-boys, as in kids, not us-boys, as in ageing curmudgeons.  And the matriarchal society is now exacting its revenge on the defenceless – mothers have turned into monsters and are ruining their sons:

1) Our culture preys relentlessly on a boy’s weaknesses;
2) There is a catastrophic lack of male role models;
3) The education system is designed for girls;
4) Masculinity is denigrated.

The absence of the good male in the home is directly laid at women’s doors.  They chose these either bad boy males who would run at the first opportunity or they kicked them out after taking them to the cleaners.  Result – sons with no protection.

For a long time I’ve been saying never to put power in the hands of women because, like children, they do not know how to exercise it. A mother did once know within the context of society’s old family structures – there were guidelines, things were passed down but now, with no moral code, no one telling females what they should be doing, merely praising anything they do do, it is producing monsters, as mentioned.

Such as this one, Jordan Worth:

Jordan Worth, 22, inflicted a catalogue of injuries on her boyfriend. She stabbed him, scalded him with boiling water and isolated him from friends. Worth, of Stewartby, Bedfordshire, is jailed for seven-and-a-half years. She pleaded guilty to controlling or coercive behaviour, wounding with intent and causing grievous bodily harm.

What we have here is a useless person in the first place – uneducated by definition but with a degree, weak by definition, being a young female, and she finds a vulnerable boy. Suffused with hatred of the male due to the crap she has filled her head with, she has a victim who cannot fight back.

The result you see.

Now, on the other hand, go to what seems a well adjusted girl – Blonde in the Belly of the Beast who does youtubes with a conservative slant and even there you can see red flags – she speaks of “all” of her boyfriends and this does not mean chaperoned as in days of yore, then she speaks disparagingly of beta males, which is what is being produced now and it’s so difficult for a male of my type to understand a male of this type. I mean, if this Ms Worthless had tried any of that on me, it would have been the last thing she did as my gf.

And she knows it – she would not have an alpha as her bf as she could not control him.  I think I can say, on behalf of my fellow males of our type that we can certainly be controlled by a woman – one of value who looks after herself and is focussed on ensnaring us in her love trap. She could have her wicked way any time, using feminine wiles.

But this Ms Worthless doesn’t do that – she goes about it entirely the wrong way and inflicts her own dysfunctional misandry on others.  And it’s becoming all too common today – me, me, me, all for me.

Our usual gals have a youtube on it:

The very people who could curb girls and give boys role models are now ageing and past that child rearing age – and the female would never choose one of us partly because she could not control us in pure power terms but mainly because we’re old f**ts. Even the good ones like these two in the youtube are floundering around without knowing all that much.

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