Eurovision preview

Katrina and the Waves, 1997, the UK’s last half decent song and she wasn’t even British, she was a Czech German from America:

This year’s choices are dire – first a South African township female:

Fine as the South African ANC entry, with Cyril on drums. She didn’t win though, showing the shocking racism and ageism of the British.

The winner was some lesbian from Essex with a dyke cut. One day they might just choose a normal, non-dysfunctional male from Manchester singing a proper song, as Katrina did but until then, there is this:

Clearly one to miss, especially if that Norton is commentating. Just to finish up, our worst entry ever, from 2003 – nul points for a benefit fraudster single mother:

One wag wrote that we didn’t deserve nul points, we deserved to be booted out of the competition. LOL.

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5 comments for “Eurovision preview

  1. Distant Relative
    April 21, 2018 at 15:20

    The first one – they don’t write ’em like that anymore. It’s been downhill ever since. Is the second one in English? \_0_/ The third one looks presentable but that will probable change when the dressers from the beeb get hold of her and expose as much of her flesh as they can get away with on the night. “Storm” eh? Hmm. The last one – tone deaf along with most of those who must’ve voted for her to represent the UK.

    Walks off humming “Land of Hope and Glory”………

    • April 21, 2018 at 16:04

      Last one – legs were good in the clip. she claimed she couldn’t hear the instruments, that’s why she was off-key, one relates to the other apparently. Too much hubcapping in Liverpool methinks, tired the gal out.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf
    April 21, 2018 at 16:50

    I gave up on Eurovision when Guildo was robbed of a so richly deserved 1st place. But by then i was rapidly going off it anyways and especially annoying was having to google where the country XYZstan was in Europe.

  3. Penseivat
    April 22, 2018 at 19:50

    The competition brings to mind classics such as “Sing Little Birdie” by Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson. It’s been downhill ever since, apart from a brief show of excellence by a Swedish group whose name escapes me for the moment.

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