Muckraking and Meghan

To get the lowdown on someone in the public eye, particularly if there are questions about that person, then as a journo, always go first to the muckrakers and see the worst they can do … everything after that can only be an improvement.

That’s why when looking into Grace Kelly, it was so damned easy to find straight away, ditto with Barbara Bush. There’ve been some though I’ve gone to search, put in all the curly and scurrilous questions but couldn’t come up with anything.

In the case of Catherine Zeta Jones, there were pretty specific details a couple of years back on her tricks in LA but there’s nothing now – however she’s well known for her image maintenance, including lawsuits, so that one sits on the shelf with one eye open.

The issue with Meghan seems to be her opportunism and special lack of grace, modesty and class. However, that does seem to be about it:

Nikki Swift is what in former days would have been called the muckraker or tabloid sleaze queen, the Dorothy Kilgallen if you like but if you want the dirt, she’s your go-to gal:

On Meghan’s sense of protocol:

And as for this:

My summation is that she’s not a wicked person or slatternly per se, she just doesn’t have much going for her except for our chump Hal and sometimes that’s all a gal needs.

2 comments for “Muckraking and Meghan

  1. Ubermouth
    April 20, 2018 at 18:20

    Serena Williams introduced Megs to Harry at Men’s request.I have no doubt that she had an end goal in mind before even meeting him.

    What better internationally recognised role for an unknown actress who was not going to get much further than an unknown,low budget,Canadian-made series that no one had ever heard of than to marry into royalty?
    I should imagine that ,cloistered in their privileged lives, the princes are too sheltered to be savvy to the ways of the real world of people.
    I can’t believe that Harry does not see through her phoniness!
    She will make a cuckold of him yet,poor sod.

    • April 21, 2018 at 03:39

      Frankly, as in the youtube shot we can see at the top, I don’t like her body language. I can’t pinpoint it, maybe it’s an arrogance rather than confidence but I don’t like it.

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