The war against possession

“Staring at me from the door of the medicine cabinet was the devil. It had strings of brittle blond hair that had snapped off at various lengths; eyes recessed deep into the sockets and surrounded by bruised black circles; cheekbones sharp enough to draw blood; and its complexion was sickly cyanotic.

The devil was my own reflection.

I had made my living with my looks, and now they were gone: the beautiful blond hair, the full smiling face, the big bedroom eyes. All the curves that men paid thousands of dollars just to look at had melted away to reveal a skeleton in rags.”

[Jenna Jameson (with Neil Strauss), “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, A Cautionary Tale”, hardcover edition, 2004, pg.182]

Yesterday I met a man I hadn’t seen in months and his opening line, with an inane grin on his face, was, “How’s all the conspiracies?”

He was creasing himself over his clever quip, clearly seeing me as a political loon, despite Brexit, despite Syria, despite Comey, whatever.

I did not say to him, “What an effing idiot you are,” but asked, “By using that word in the plural like that, are you saying that no one, no groups in history have ever colluded over any commonly held self-interest? No politicians, for example, collude in screwing us over?”

We were hampered at this point by his not knowing the words “plural” and “collude”. Once that was sorted, I mentioned the guilds of old England.

“Well, they’re different,” he didn’t say but his look did. To which I was ready to ask, “Different from what?”

The difference between a child and one of these people concerns two things – ignorance and attitude. A child, by definition, knows nothing cognitively at birth and fills in the gaps over the next, say, 20 years.  He may be initially ignorant but his attitude to learning is good [or was some decades ago]. He is capable of learning.  This man though …

You know what’s going to follow this so I shan’t say it, beyond a general comment about attitude to learning.  So if a young man was old enough to handle the details and had a thirst to know how the rulers of the world operate, I’d probably start with MK Ultra.

Which immediately brings in:

Concern 1:  We can’t know everything and we generally only know that which accords with our interests, predisposition and our sources, which vary widely, person to person.

Thus, any discussion, by definition, is between the ignorant in one field, e.g. fashion and/or PCism, the latest pop records and the ignorant in another field, e.g. world affairs and history.

One can’t get over that barrier unless both parties are willing to learn, genuinely so, not just lip service.  So as I say, I’d start with MK Ultra, which brings in:

Concern 2:  Relying on Wikipedia for your knowledge is a highly political act because editors are all of the same kind as social media honchos, MSM honchos, politicians in the main, Zucksters, globalists, banksters, i.e. you are usually not getting the right slant, not getting all the facts.

The MK Ultra mind control programme is notable because it resulted in the only court case of its kind in 1973 in which the CIA was forced to admit it used mind control techniques.  Following that was the prosecution of Ewen Cameron and downunder many years later – Selwyn Leeks.

Concern 3:  We’re all on that road to knowledge and are met, along the way, by smiling reception committees who welcome us, only to lead us down wrong sideroads, playing on our natural laziness, our desires and given the amount of our ignorance still to dispel.

Which immediately brings in:

Concern 4: The facts are found only by a laborious process involving going down sideroads – see sidelights on Horace or exploring Gary Webb or Jeckyll Island or David Kelly – but not the sideroads you’re invited to go down by the welcoming committee, e.g. Google or Wikipedia.

In other words, you have to explore to the extent Distant Relative does but most don’t.  And along the way, you find trusted sites which accord with your overall world view or else will shake it up with some decent research.

Concern 5:  Even if you overcome your innate prejudice against a topic, e.g. Christianity, you still have the 80-20 trap.  That is, you do a hell of a lot of research and turn up all sorts of oddball facts, snippets which cannot be gainsaid and well done that man, except for this – often the last 20% which you could not get to and so stopped – that significantly alters the whole picture.

Perfect example is Barbara Bush.  How many looked her up and saw just the Wiki philanthropist?  Most of the Trump supporters on Twitter fell for that.  Readers of this blog might not be willing to push for that extra 20% because they simply don’t want, don’t have the time etc.  Fine but you’re not getting the full picture.

Which brings in:

Concern 6:  Who determines where the cutoff point is for “the full picture” anyway? 

What MK Ultra does is provide a starting point and this brings in:

Concern 7:  Not enough people asking the right questions – they ask the questions they’re expected to ask and therefore, the pat answers are ready and available for them at the top of page one of Google.

Questions such as why a government department would be involved in something nasty like mind control in the first place [see GH Estabrooks and the military, also Laurel Canyon] and why someone like GHW Bush, an intergenerational cult patriarch, would be the head of that government department. Another interesting sidetrack is the Dulles Bros.

To that, we add all the other snippets, from symbolism to Bohemian Grove to the Masons and Templars to the climate scam and so it goes.

What threats do we face?

Most thinking people today at least accept that there is some sort of hidden hand running things, sometimes not even hidden, as in sustainable development and Agenda 21, or the Kalergi Plan.

Most people on both sides of politics seem to have made the connection between the issuers of credit and the rest of it – wars, penury, crashes etc.  The word “banksters” has been used but only for the actively cavalier and destructive, e.g. JP Morgan/Peabody, GS, crony capitalists.

The left then races off and tars all entrepreneurs and speculators with the same brush, all runners of businesses, which by definition, is in error.

Were we to make a Venn diagram, we’d have the first large circle comprising this hidden hand or Them.

Then, overlapping that would be Islamization, a circle moving ever further across the first, like one heavenly body passing over and eclipsing another light-emitting body, forming a crescent.

To break with the analogy, Them uses Islamization for its own purposes, in its own arrogance and ignorance of just how caustic Islam is.

If you need any evidence for that, see Operation Cyclone.

The first circle, Them, engineers busts and booms, the second engineers … well … Islam and Shariah Law.

The third circle

But there is a third circle which I’m especially concerned about and that is human relations.  Them are most certainly on course to destroy relations both between sexes and between generations by means of cultural marxism.

The Muslims are out to overcome that … but in their own violent, pig-ignorant way. There is no third way in their eyes, e.g. reversion to Christian and Enlightenment tradition blended.

Meanwhile, all sorts of interpersonal  horrors are going on – see divorce stats, the assault on men and so on, visible things – and then there is the more inaccessible, longterm damage going on and if one raises the issue, one gets the usual treatment from mockery to angry dismissal.

The media of course is hugely complicit in pushing the agendas and an article at the Mail illustrates the salami tactics – posting an article here, an article there, drip, drip, drip, until a cumulative effect is created.

This particular one was a Millennial hitpiece on her mum, a filler story at the Wail but still, it served its purpose.  Some comments:

# This is a non story but even so I’m grateful that my son shares the same political values as me – probably because he didn’t go to University & get indoctrinated by the lefty liberals.

# You really do DESPAIR this country has produced a generation that thinks World War II and Germany’s attempts to strip European countries of their Independence, Sovereignty, and Democracy is somehow something worth supporting and parading through London waving Blue and Gold star flags.

# I love my daughter to bits but she drives me nuts, she is the opposite of me, she half does everything, she has 2 children and the word ironing is a swearword to her, cleaning is another one, tidying she is good at, we bicker constantly, and she is the only one that can tell the children off, she doesn’t like me giving any opinions at all, it can be so upsetting, but at least I know I’m not the only one,, I bite my tongue constantly.

# How is this any different than any mother and daughter of any and all generations?

Answer brings in:

Concern 8: There is a long history [see The Quiet American] of agents provocateurs playing on natural fissure lines between groups [see Rwanda], such that they erupt into slaughter where once they were merely standoffish.

And this, in its own minor way, is precisely what this Millennial piece was about – making people start doubting, as with Brexit and Project Fear.  It’s not Brexit itself you should fear, it’s Them, it’s Carney and the BofE bringing on a recession and/or crash this year for no sound economic reason but for very good political reasons in their eyes.

I mean, just look up Carney’s antecedents for goodness sake – it’s right there.

Concern 9: Them not only provide the means for our own self-destruction near at hand but this follows a culture they’ve patiently created over decades, even over a century [see turn of the century Lincoln School and Wundtian educational philosophy].

Were there a town, as an analogy, where alcoholism was a problem, then to come in with a new supermarket complex and part of that complex sells cheap booze and is not particular about minors – that chain would simply claim that they sell all things, from bedding to food to camping goods – how are they doing any wrong?

And that’s how it’s been done.  Prising open natural fissure lines, as well as pushing alienation of each person from humanity, as well as cranking up sexuality and providing the means to sit at the computer to get it, on top of the teachers now in schools and universities exposing children to entirely inappropriate things at an early age – the whole thing is cumulative, each layer contributing to the others.

I’ve a personal story to add in which I don’t come out of it looking too good.

Every single person I know would like to be thought of as special, as formidable, as intelligent [to a point], as attractive to a point [in our younger days].  Human ego has me now telling a tale which, even though ostensibly about my naughty doings, in fact tries to establish me as some sort of stud, which is quite ludicrous were you to meet me.

Yet certain things did happen and this does raise certain issues.

In Russia, there was a constant stream of daughters, both professionally and privately, ages scattered but generally 19-23, coming to my door, so I got to know that age female well.  And of course, I got the daughters’ angle on everything going on in the world.

It’s only logical that someone doing something humble such as teaching English in a foreign land would have such a clientele – females are the main language enthusiasts and parents threw their daughters at teachers of English of any note, with a view to them getting overseas and succeeding.

I do believe that that is no longer the case now as the opportunities are everywhere for that Russian demographic today.

A client of mine, a mother, who taught French and three other languages, wanted her English honed and [outside] exams taken. She held two other jobs, ran a family, was on various boards and looked after a 21 year old sister who … well you’ll see.  “A” was a looker too, she was that age [maybe 34] when she was at the height of her powers and she was constantly dealing with things.

“A” said to me one day that her younger sister, “C”, wanted to be “a Manager”.  “What’s her field?” I asked.

“She doesn’t have a field, she just wants to be a Manager, like her older sister.”  Shades of female “managers” over here.

The mobile went.  Eventually she closed it down.

“C”‘s locked herself out of the house, she’s stuck on the balcony.  I have to go.”

“But she’s a manager, surely she could find the way herself.”  I got the ironic look for that.


Next time, “A” announced, “”C” wants to learn English with you.”

“Does she need it in her job?”


Sigh. “All right, I’ll do it … but for you.  But she’s going to have to do some work.”

“Oh she will, I can guarantee that.”


Mladshaya sestra turned up, dressed to the nines, full warpaint, and to be fair, she was pretty good on the English already, having studied it at school, which “A” had not, being of a different generation.  In fact, despite her being the stock standard daughter type, 21, she was nice and we got along well.


Next time “A” turned up, she asked [not directly] what we’d been talking about.

“Oh, usual things, getting married etc.”

She went ballistic, insofar as someone of that breeding could. I was to put that idea out of my mind right now.

“Consider it out.  At the moment, the idea is running, screaming, down the road, trying to get away.”


I offered to take “A” out under the guise of [genuinely] needing help with the government, with which she was connected … and then we’d eat.  Done. I was a regular at this cafe, the same one I used to blog from about the waitresses [posts passim,old blog], so they were used to me coming in with some girl but “A” was a different kettle of fish altogether and some frenetic service ensued.

This next bit is true, I swear, hand on heart, but who should walk in but my ex-gf with the clandestine lover who was now her N1.  She looked over and her jaw dropped.  I excused myself and went across, ex-gf demanded to know who “A” was.

When I got back and apologized, there was a second lot of explaining to do – she was bemused. That was when I asked myself where all the available 35-40 year olds were.

And there was another factor – “A” was married, so just what was going on here?

And what’s the point of mentioning it?

Point is that there were countless opportunities in my home, at various girls’ homes, for anything to occur but they didn’t occur.  The only reason they didn’t was that I was not just the average punter out there, I was known in that town, the foreigner, and reputation was all that kept me employed.

Example of the constant danger – one of my younger students [Year 3, university] had invited me for a week to Murmansk [mind boggles – it was winter] but then withdrew the invitation.

I said to her that that was fine, she didn’t have to say why but I was curious all the same. She said that the story of me having a threesome with two students had got around and she was appalled.

“Am I allowed a defence?”  She nodded. “Do you honestly think I’d do anything like that, even if I could, given how small this town is, given that this is exactly what girls gossip about?  And no girl is going to keep something like that to herself.”

“So it’s not true?”

“Of course it’s not – do you not think I’m watched every day by those above and anything at all would get out quickly?”

She accepted that but what she didn’t know was the one I wrote of here some weeks back, of Алиса and the issue with the ex-gf.  Bottom line is that the opportunities then and there were so ludicrously mindboggling, just at the end of a telephone. Even across the street from where I lived, girls used to line up over there at night and cars would pull into the layby. Being a cheapskate and paranoid about diseases, I never did, though it crossed the mind now and then.

Westernization had set in and this only added to the traditional Russian looseness among certain types.  When the western principle of “sluttery” having little stigma any more first broke down families and then brought in all the rest of the issues society has in the west now – when that came to Russia – it was like a knife through butter.

There is another major factor here:

Concern 10:  It’s not so much what is going on but what percentage of the population it’s going on between.

Percentages are everything.  You can say that Muslims are 5% of our population or thereabouts but this does not explain the London Mayor, it does not explain Leicester or Bradford, or the stat about school age children and ethnicity – the numbers are uneven to say the least.

And the numbers are important.


Who has never, not once, ever looked at porn on the net?  You can answer that for yourself but can you answer it for everyone else?  I can’t.  Yet the purveyors wouldn’t stay in the game unless it paid.

Concern 11:  The normalization of perversion is a major factor in its propagation and proliferation.

This is where I’m going to do myself no favours again. I do all I can not to look at that stuff online and yet the sheer ubiquity of it, even I’m told on television now, means it is a click away.

Is that normal for a society?  Is that healthy, particularly as every child must have a computer and parental “controls” are laughable, plus if something can be found, a child will?

And not just feminists are saying that this is highly destructive in the long term, and it’s not only for women.

It changes societal attitudes overall, even for the older people who should know better but now want a slice of the action as they perceive it.

It is also an ignorant thing to think that fantasies played out on an industrial scale are healthy.  In fact there is copious evidence of the young female in particular succumbing to stress, drugs and a general unhappiness in many but for those who think all this empowerment is hunky-dory, even they are deluding themselves, they’ve become shells.

We had a manager friend in Russia who ran DHL and she was what everyone said – in a golden cage.  She and I had many talks over things and all the things I’ve ever written about the topic were present in her.  She was, frankly at that time, dysfunctional, a shell.  Ditto with my mate’s gf, deputy manager of a Moscow bank.

Coming back to the porn, it’s a question of degree, of percentages and to illustrate this, a confession.  I was looking at the whole Stormy Daniels thing with Trump and that brought up an article on Jenna Jameson, pretty much what I expected and it made me think of Patricia Rhomberg so I checked her out and yes, obviously clips came up.

And at that site, naturally there were many other offerings below and yes, I clicked on the one which said Russian and stayed two minutes.

I’d say it’s the first time I’ve been genuinely horrified by porn.  I don’t mean by its proliferation, in political terms – of course that is horrifying as it is increasingly involving the young.

I do mean that the actual emptiness of the scene struck home. And I know that many reading this, males mainly, are going to ask do I have the url by any chance?

No, I don’t.  It was the age I’d taught and there were about 50 in one room, obviously evenly divided by gender and that’s all they were doing from the first second – doing it. And after two minutes, it was the same.  But what had me fleeing was that I had just watched something technically legal but it was like watching my students and my head could not handle something like that so I got out of there.

Plus, I am no voyeur, I reject that whole loser persona, I’d rather be in there actually participating in something than watching it and talking about it, hence not many posts at this site on sex itself and zero on the computer or on any hard drive.  Reason is simple – if I kept any, I’d look at it.

And if someone says so what, what’s wrong with them doing what they want, when they want, then we’re not on the same page. I’m talking here about the things Jenna Jameson spoke of – the long term, cumulative effect, even on the soul.

Numbers again – “50” among how many million of that age?  Hardly representative, you might say and yet those millions would all get to see it and many other webcam things too and it becomes the norm, the standard.

Yes, I went to parties in younger years where things went on, of course sometimes virtually the whole room was at it [e.g. that stripper at that stag night] but I’d like to know if the overall numbers as part of the total number of people in my age range, as a percentage in other words, has vastly increased today to be near ubiquitous across the west – the hook-up culture Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone speak of – or whether it’s just being shown publicly much more today.

I’d have said that the numbers in my younger years might have been 50-50 but now seem to be nearing 100%.  I’ve read accounts by kids who say there is “no choice” in their eyes through peers and through their influences, even their [young] teachers and in my eyes, that is coercion.

Now there’s a very practical solution, at least as far as the porn goes – if you do succumb, then go to a vintage site where the exploitation was in the 70s and was mainly of those already in the game but stay the hell away from anyone younger than mid-20s.

Because if you do not stay away, you are aiding and abetting that exploitation and are you then any better than the Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford grooming gangs?

Jenna Jameson

She looks a mess today – they usually don’t show the wizened features and the tatts all over her. However, she made sense to me in what she said.

She mentions – and obviously I’m going to mention this bit – that those seemingly super-successful “stars” who claim it’s all just their chosen profession are lying – they’re all lying, they are trying to handle the whole thing and stay partly sane.

Something evil

Coming back to the opening quote of this post, Jenna Jameson wrote:

“Staring at me from the door of the medicine cabinet was the devil. It had strings of brittle blond hair that had snapped off at various lengths; eyes recessed deep into the sockets and surrounded by bruised black circles; cheekbones sharp enough to draw blood; and its complexion was sickly cyanotic. The devil was my own reflection. I had made my living with my looks, and now they were gone: the beautiful blond hair, the full smiling face, the big bedroom eyes. All the curves that men paid thousands of dollars just to look at had melted away to reveal a skeleton in rags.” (Pg.182)

We can argue to eternity about whether there is an actual devil or whether it is allegorical and it is the human dark side we’re speaking of.

Poor deluded fool she was, and yet a human being for a’ that.  She thinks her beauty was the chief factor? The only things which interested men were that area between the legs, the male imperative to bonk, bonk and bonk.

The boobs come into it for some men but they’re way more important to her than to a man. What men were looking at was not her but her doing those things … and the more hardcore the better.

I’m going to mention three females who were on the game – one called Gauge, one called Aurora Snow and Jameson herself. All of them in their later years went goth and slatternly even to look at – perhaps that was a signal within the industry that when a female starts to lose all self-respect, all illusion of her external “beauty” gone, this “gothery” kicks in and that is the signal to the industry that she won’t be around much longer, that they need new meat now to satisfy us, the slavering males at our computers.

And don’t forget the females involved behind the scenes too, aiding and abetting, don’t forget Heidi Fleiss in Hollywood.

Is there any conclusion to this post?

I don’t know. I see no conclusion to what is going on out there in so many areas. I think my purpose was to get onto this third aspect, this third circle, because I don’t know of any other blogger who is doing this.

Hundreds are on about Comey or Corbyn or Trump, fewer are on about the hidden power, very few are addressing this matter of what we are doing to kids and to ourselves in the process, simply by failing to be horrified.

The title of this post was going to be “succumbing” to possession but then I thought that that was so defeatist, so I changed it to “war against” because that’s what it’s about.

We can broaden this to any form of addiction, from alcohol or other drugs to the temptation to cheat when it’s suddenly available … and then it can be broadened further to the way we are inured now [boiling frog principle] to accepting things as normal which just aren’t.

And I think we all need to self-examine and say to ourselves – no, I’m not doing this anymore.

I don’t think I’m writing to a closed-minded readership here as this is social media and the people reading here do not trust the MSM and want to know the real deal on any issue, hence their reading lists.

So you’re already part of the way to questioning almost everything. But I do believe there is a state of possession comes over people by succumbing to the now readily available “easy way”.  Perhaps there’s an entity which uses that against us and methinks that whatever is the truth, we need to fight what we’re being invited to accept and stay independent-minded, even to seeking help.


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  1. Distant Relative
    April 20, 2018 at 19:14

    Most people of my RL acquaintance are possessed with the plot of their favourite soap operas! Seriously, sadly, it is their main focus of conversation despite them knowing there are no TVs or radios or snooze papers chez-nous and I couldn’t give a stuff. Ironically, when they want to know something off the beaten track they come a-knocking at my door because they think if I don’t have the info to hand at the time I will find it for them. Seems they’re suffering from CBAS (Can’t Be Arsed Syndrome)!

    Our decline is not happening by accident one just needs to look at what Soros and his ilk are funding and how long it has been going on. It didn’t happen overnight – its been planned for a very long time – but I’m just a chorister preaching to the Choir Master! 🙂

    When the likes of this woman are elevated to positions of authority there has to be a nefarious objective, imho. Ruth Bader Ginsburg I really don’t want to share the planet with folk like that.

    And no, truly, I have never looked at porn on the web nor do I intend to. The nearest thing to porn was buying “The Joy of Sex” on our honeymoon. It’s been well thumbed….. 😀

  2. April 20, 2018 at 19:31

    “The Joy of Sex” on our honeymoon.

    The real thing is vastly better.

  3. Bill
    April 20, 2018 at 19:44

    Nothing happens in the ‘make it up media’ ‘by accident’.

  4. Ubermouth
    April 21, 2018 at 02:28

    Interesting article by JJ.
    I am going to have to rethink my career choices though(the hours seem exploitive!)

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