Are we men or mice?

The theme today could almost be “cautionary tales” – themes generally arise here from the content of the day.

The vid at the foot of the post was sent by Amfortas who was sent it by a lady and I first want to say something about our “special ladies”, those important people in our lives. We truly are two different species in the sense of different understanding, different reaction to events.

A small percentage of women try to understand men in a sympathetic way and vice-versa but the issue is – they can’t, we can’t, not fully, simply because we aren’t them.

They/we can but do our best.

In the vid below, which I was quite uncomfortable with as a man, I was puzzled until I learnt it was sent by a woman.

That now makes sense and the reaction to the woman should be “thanks so much for caring”. There’ve been a few of these types of vids – you might recall Christie O’Misty on feminism and GI Jane, also Blonde from the Belly of the Beast currently online [and below] and what these ladies do is make a genuine attempt to understand … but they’re still women and nurturing ones at that.

What I don’t like about the “Roots” vid at the foot of the page is the way it casts men as poor victims who need help … a woman’s help of course … and that goes against something inside me. It smacks of bleating to me and as someone who goes by the maxim “never let them see you bleed”, you might feel that that maxim was departed from on the earlier power tools post.

The woman exudes compassion, it’s her N1 trait and if she can identify a victim, then she can pour her caring into that victim. This is behind all male/female relations over the millennia. It’s also behind the current diversity nonsense.

The vid mentions another trait and that is how women will react and how men will react to an event, to a tragedy, to something stressful.

As the token black man in his Roots voice says, in full pathos mode, a man will internalize something where a woman wants to talk it out. So, at the very point something happens, the woman becomes emotive and expansionary and the man will become the opposite – he goes quiet and internalizes.

Yesterday, having come in from that stupidity, there was an email from a special lady and she had clearly gone to some trouble – there were some wonderful pics and much to respond to. I didn’t feel, at that point, that I was in a position to – not so much for the blood which should have stopped after half an hour and was messing up the keyboard but because I was already in “male mode”, going quiet and taking care of what needed taking care of before eating and dropping off to sleep.

So I postponed my reply until this morning and shall compose that after this post.

I didn’t watch the entire vid because it became annoying to be closely following what the Roots man was saying and then suddenly an ad comes on for a new lounge suite or whatever. Sorry but to hell with advertising in the middle of a video – giant turn-off.

So, should “women” get away with what they are doing today out there, backed by government, on the grounds that men will not fight back, they’ll internalize instead?

Well, the answer to that is simple – which women? Which men? Because the men I know do care for their wives, do care for women at root level and the women certainly care for the men.

The women I’m referring to in my scathing posts are the Amy Schumers, the Hollywood starlets, the Diane Abbotts, the Amber Rudds, the revolting Femen, thepink pussy paraders [idiots], Theresa May, the hypocritical Megan Markleses, plus any woman who has ever taken a man to the cleaners in a divorce.

Even in the comments thread of that vid were alarm bells:

He is a great provider financially but he stopped showing affection,emotions, intimacy, he barely talks to me.

Now why would that be? Is he a rotter, as painted, in which case, why are you even with him? Or is there something in you? Or is it just that men and women are two different species who do not understand one another and are even less interested in understanding?

And of course it’s worse for Millennials:

Yet again, there are overtones to that vid I don’t like and it’s this matriarchal thing where there must first be an issue and then the ladies can go about remedying it, when in fact there might be better just to get on with it.

Which is not to deny that there really are agendas, from additives to food to this clear matriarchal push by the global cultural marxists in high places.  And the girl is right about pussified males and butch females but still …

Well let me give an example.  WN2 suddenly asked, in mid congress one afternoon, what was wrong. As far as I could see – nothing – but she wasn’t having that and wanted there to be an issue and so began a one-sided analytical session when in my book, the usual vicissitudes of tiredness, busy-ness, a hundred factors, were always going to vary the event at the time.

Nope, she wasn’t having that – there had to be a problem and there had to be endless analytical sessions over it. Next day, maybe the football team had won at last, maybe I’d had some sleep – that was the last we heard of that particular crisis and she went looking for the next one.

Cultural Marxism

At global level, there are clear agendas going on, this blog has outlined many of those with the help of contributors … and one of those agendas is the bashing of men – specifically white men – that bit I don’t disagree with.  What I disagree with is the notion of crestfallen man in full pathos mode crawling away, tail between legs.

Because that ain’t me, nor is it many of the men in my circle of friends.  It was a woman on Twitter, one of our sisters, who pointed to the kumbaya of the Manchester love session and this “don’t be angry, be forgiving” or some such tosh.

No, she pointed out, be very, very angry and demand something be done about these bastards who are walking all over this land with impunity.  As she pointed out – the thousands of young girls in Rotherham, Telford and so on at least demand that, not this kumbaya BS.

Now that’s a gal I could fall in love with … and in fact have.

You see, in the same spirit of that lady tweeter, I react to the vid below with, “Are we men or mice?”  If we are men, then we overcome the BS they’re pushing onto us as white men – if we’re half as manly as we make out we are, then our own bloodymindedness will eventually overcome this powerplay by the cultural marxists.

Anyway, here’s that vid:

7 comments for “Are we men or mice?

  1. May 25, 2018 at 01:47

    You seem to have mislaid the video.

  2. May 25, 2018 at 01:57

    My special lady genuinely tries, as you said, to understand men. She seeks men’s explanations rather than women’s (who are not men). The roots of despair in many men are real: the cave is a dark place in which one can as easily get lost as one can find unarticulated emotional solutions. Men suicide too often for the cave to be minimised.

    The speaking fellow is in three-quarter black pastor mode. He can go Full Retard when he tries. But here the content overcomes the theatrics.

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